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DAMN that was GOOD!

sure! I sent you an email : )

super charming! But I'm getting a bug where my custom character gets white skin and hair no matter what I put in 8w8

hell yeah! :D looking forward to that!

I really liked it but the controls feel a little too simple? I wish I had a way to aim the tools rather than just tossing htem. If there is I didnt figure it out, and someone better let me know so I can replay it and enjoy it more lol

this comic is absolutely fantastic but it also kicked me right in the feelings. Its HEAVY

When Leah goes to bed, run around as Valora and plant divine seeds all over campus. There is a few out in the garden, the dormitories, the kitchen, the duel arena. She'll be able to plant a few each night before retiring, but keep it up :)

Running into a lot of NPCs in the slums and royal city that have just blank text boxes I cant progress or exit out of.

Plus, a LOT of interactions seems to have missing or missnamed images attached? For instance, when the "Pillow Thief" scene plays and Leahs mom enters, the game cant seem to display her and a message saying that it cant load her images shows up, afterwards it fades to "Loading" And wont progress from that.

I get this error for a LOT of things in the game, what files do I change to fix it? :s

loved this! it was really fun and surprisingly sweet :)

its a real cute idea, but I cant seem to progress past the first transformation. I keep getting "george seems to have transformed in the night" messages but nothing has changed. Forever stuck as a bubble embryo