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After coming back to this, I got quite the high score:I could have gone longer, but I don't have the time for that
Fun game. The controls weren't intuitive at first, but I got the hang of it.

I think I killed some zombie

Yeah I was doing that as well

I don't know how else to get a faster time! Unless the S rank time doesn't allow for ANY wasted time, in which case, I don't think I'll be able to do.

Really fun and tricky, nice job. 

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Dang, I missed when the update came out! The new features are really cool!

I like that you fixed the bizarre interacting with the sacrificing hp for gold. (The one where you could sacrifice your shield and get gold, but it says hp for gold)

I know, I was stocked when I saw the 1 in the 1s column. You can get in a cheeky hit when the cat charges the hairball attack, but you have to be right there before/as the cat lands. 

Fun game!

Beat this

Cool game. I also beat it without getting hit!

I must have gotten really lucky then.

Do a finisher after two normal attacks

Yep, always

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Nice game!

I got a 550 score, it's pretty hard to get higher than that.

Fun Game! Although in the final game download, the king doesn't die.

Nice game! I got a 945M score.

I know, but there were too many on my screen.

try only turning while in the air, also only make small adjustments.

Uh, yeah. Just turn 90 degrees 12 times.

It's easy on paper, hard to actually complete.

Wow, I didn't expect to spend that much time playing this!

It was pretty hard. Especially the Lilypad and the last level were the hardest.

Nice game! I really liked all the references.

My record was 221.

I think I killed him!


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Nice Job! I was confused for a minute why I couldn't attack, but I figured it out. (I didn't read the description, because I like figuring out games)

I got a nice 1140 as my highest score.

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My longest combo was 316!

I got a 47  hit combo on wave 1 without using a special!?

So, if I'm correct, the longest combo (excluding the special) is 280. Because a hit from the special does half damage you can technically hit an enemy 20 times if you're really lucky. 

Doing a headsaw finisher does 2 hits so normally, you can hit an enemy 9 times and  if your next attack is headsaw, then you can grab and attack and it does a headsaw finisher.

So, if your really lucky, you might me able to get 350.

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I was able to get like a crit or something. If you shoot the rocks right as it hits you, you can collect all the gems instantly and get 560 every time. Although you risk getting hit so...

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I really liked this game. I was able to get 9960 points

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Nice, once again great game. My record was 24.

Yep, no problem.

Once again, an amazing game.

My highest score is 18.

This was really fun and hard. I beat it once and then thought, "I could probably beat this without getting hit". So, I spent 30 minutes trying to beat this guy, and yeah, it was hard.

Sounds accurate.

Yep, anytime.

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Really cool game, I've never played any dark souls games, but I don't think I want to after playing this.

Uh, I just died and killed the Black Knight!

No hit run!!!


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My highest score (that I saw) was around 5650.

My highest without getting hit once was 120. (easiest way to tell if you haven't gotten hit is always be shooting)

And a little challenge I did was play without healing and always dash, and my high score for that was 442.

Basically the same challenge but you can control your dash: 449 (last time I checked).

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I really liked this game. It's kind of funny when you're flying and turn around and you just die instantly because of the number of bullets stacked on top of each other. (also the oof sound effect)

I think when you die, you can see your high score, cause I just die and don't know what my final score was.

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Nice game, I have noticed that I die randomly, but I don't know how long you had to make this.

My record is 2,612.50

How does 3,881.25 sound?

Or 9,406.25?