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Loud Dragon

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so this is more or less just a visual program to overlay the game?

Tilengine community · Created a new topic HELP

how do i get his working, the install in the folder is a windows batch file which then opens command prompt which then promptly closes, ive looked at both the 64 bit and 32 bit but have the same result,  please help

just one more thing, to set up the menu for fighting, do you have an invisible player that moves over triggers which then represent the menu?

ok, thank you!

so how do i implement this into a project?


i've been looking around but i cant figure out how to  make my game work, i dont know what to do, when i press run it just opens a blank screen

this is pretty cool, are you guys planning to make it bigger?

RPG Paper Maker community · Created a new topic download

could you make the download files available on itch io? cause i cant go to github

when might it be fully ready?