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Captain Cook

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This game is hilarious. I chased a UFO around a fountain and went to a bar.

It was two months ago from today. I checked my YouTube subscriptions feed and saw Jim Sterling had come out with a new video about this game. I watched it and the game looked amusing so I downloaded it, if only I knew what I was getting into. My first round I bet 40 pogs on Chungus and won first place. It was a small pot, but it just felt so good to win. Next thing you know it's 1:00am and I'm still playing. After amassing 1,945,001 pogs I felt like I was on the top of the world. I skipped work just to stay at home and play Pogs4Boglins. I had to convince myself it wasn't gambling because there was no money involved and that it was just innocent fun. As of now I have well over 8,000,000 pogs and have become the ultimate pog fucker. I use my unemployment checks on micro transactions to make the boglin I bet on have a better chance of winning. I only leave the house to buy Top Ramen from the nearby 7/11. Anything else would be too much money and wouldn't leave me with enough to spend on pogs. I haven't been paying my rent and I might be kicked out soon, but they can't take my laptop. Since Pogs4Boglins doesn't need internet to run, if they cut off my internet I can still play. There's something that just makes me feel so good inside to see my little boglin race across the screen and earn me more pogs. It's a feeling worth my time, my money, my job, my girlfriend, and everything else that I own. I would give it all up just to play Pogs4Boglins for one more day. It is a fantastic game and there's no real money involved, you have nothing to lose!