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So I did go in order didn't realize that I should probably read the directions of each section in full because I did not do the branches and their leaves in the right sequence for the first tree, but luckily I was able to expand my forest down the line.  I really enjoyed making the clover. At first I was a little daunted by the idea of drawing 50, but they are so fun to try to do in one swipe that it was fun. I look forward to seeing where doodle games go! This was interesting to get to do outside of the computer though.

I accidentally left the car to my friend instead of my son and freaked out. He is gonna feel so left out. sure he got the chest but is it enough? i game my daughter a house!! I hope they are not competitive.

I enjoyed playing this game. Death and settling material belongings are not sensitive subjects with me so it was more on the side of fun than serious. I do enjoy that it is a topic for a game and makes you think about everything for a minute, though.

I liked the navigation in this game a lot. Especially finding out that I can move up. Fun to play!

this is one of the best visual novels I have ever played, and it's just the demo! I can't wait for it to come out!!!

This was so fun! I can't believe I got rejected by William, and then I went all in on Neil for nothing! I loved the literary theme.

I sure do love the voice acting.

That's too bad you can't play this game as a player, It's sad you won't get this great experience.

I think that what worked so well for me was that it was a good mixture between cut scenes and game play. The cut scenes were so well edited and blended into the game. Also, the difference in styles between the cut scenes and the game play gave it a real- your in a dream- your in a land of symbols- kind of effect. At first I was thinking this game was an interpretation of the first one, but now I think it is more of a reaction and associations to the first game, which I enjoyed.

So I will have to think about this awhile longer, but this is one of the most interesting game experiences I have ever had. It was an incredible environment and it was so well put together.

This game was really fun to play. After the first chain of events when I realized what I had to do, it was still really difficult choose that every time, and I really enjoyed that aspect (trying to explain things without spoilers isn't working for me too well).