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Thank you!! I can't take all hte credit, oscillatrix wrote a bunch of it too!

thank you for playing!!

No need to be upset. After being sucked through the vacuum, Geoffrey floated in empty space for three weeks, before being found by an alien spaceship. They resuscitated him and gave him a bowl of clam chowder to warm him up; he was then brought back to their home world to live out the rest of his days. He was given a new controller and outfitted with a state-of-the-art robotic tentacle arm like Doc Oct from Spider Man 2. The arm had advanced AI capabilities which with, when combined with Geoffrey’s unique alien brain physiology, he was able to rise to the top of an alien esports league, becoming the greatest to ever play the game. Sadly it was not to last. Geoffrey soon found himself being overshadowed by his own tentacle arm and began to feel like he was playing second fiddle to his own success. There was a Space New Yorker article about him titled “The Arm (and Geoffry)”. That one really put a dent in his ego. Eventually he made the decision to have the arm removed, and without it he quickly sank to obscurity. He still plays video games but more like Harvest Moon and stuff. The arm signed a deal with Space Nike and is making millions per month from that deal alone. Especially insulting given that it can’t even wear shoes. 

Also, thanks for playing!

beautiful art!!

Wow i was so happy playing this game. The voice acting was sooo cool. How was it done? I just loved all the little animals. The story of the hens stealing the hats was so amazing. I gasped out loud when I heard them say "the clowns hat is almost ours". There is truly evil in this world... I also really liked it when the seahorse doesn't say anything in response to the clown saying "im fully capable of amusing up to 6 people". Huge shout out to Todd for what they did for the pilot. Ever since i was very young, in my heart i knew there were sheep running around in heaven. Finally this game has provided the evidence I always needed... The achievements led me to believe I could wash the giraffe's towel for them... Unfortunately I did not manage to find this in time. I wish to issue an apology to the giraffe for letting them down.

Another small detail i liked was the music notes animation that played over the top of the speak and spell. Actually all of this games animation is so expressive and fun... but that was one of my favorie details. I also liked the dog running around a lot. The main mechanic of flying the copter is really great too. It's never too hard to fly around the world and just feels so chill and relaxed.

Just a really sweet game!! And so pretty!! I'm going to read the zine soon too. I really enjoyed my time at the shiver spa, thank you.

I really enjoyed seeing all the types of fish swimming around!! I really like all the art for them they look really nice. I like how silly the frog's tongue looks when it shoots out. I wonder if u could tweak some of the hat prices to be more expensive? I could buy the most expensive hat within just a few seconds it seemed like. Either way really fun thank you!!!

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i rage quit early :p i had a hard time telling why i couldnt walk on the middle branch on teh first screen? but i love the art style and the idea of a hard jumpy game like this. thanks for making it!!

fun!! im bad at it. max score: 28 ft. i like how their are multiple openings!! is there a top to the world?

this is so fun!!! ilove the tree in the bg and the concept is so fun!! unfrotunately i am bad at platformesr so i gave up... 

thank you 

yes!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this game is so fun!!! my favorite characters are sally and gustav!!!!!!!!!!! so delightful and fun music and great art!!! the minigames are all well done and interesting and don't overstay their welcome at all which is something that no game ever gets right!!! I would play a million games related to "taxes"!!!! great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow this game is so cool???? how did you do these shaders??? amazing atmosphere

beautiful game, thank you :(

This game is really wonderful. Thank you!!

really fun and challenging!! i got stuck on a part but hopefully i'll get past it soon. I love the sprites!!