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Great work! It was fun exploring. Also I would probably change “Check Out My Perfect P.T. Emulation” because it definitely is not perfect XD 

I don't think he's going to add anymore content to the game. Just bug fixes. Pretty sad I know but he said he doesn't want to put more work ahead of him for some reason.

Good work! Still needs work, but a great start.

no problem it's up now :)

He's currently uploading an updated version. Should be up soon.

I'm really excited for the next update! It's going to fix a lot of issues that I had at first. This is easily the best remake so far. Just needs a bit more work and it's gold!

Yeah it does but it's okay.

it's replicated.

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Alright sounds good. No problem, I just want to see a P.T. project done and finished so people can stop asking :

Is this project still alive or is it dead like all the other ones?