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loved everything about this

Pleased to read in your postmortem that you're confident this'll become a more fully-fledged project; this concept and presentation are so endearing! Your enthusiasm for your influences certainly shows. The floaty controls are fun once you're used to them, although I experienced a few softlock glitches and some felt physics-related (stuck in place, dismount errors). Osmus look great and the immediate mobility they provide feels rewarding. Awesome idea and execution!

Looks, sounds, and feels awesome (especially with a controller). I love the map variations and the attack animations. The swipe on the golem creatures is particularly crunchy—I got used to dying to them.  felt satisfying to occasionally prevail over one though, as does landing continuous swings on the smaller enemies and bouncing projectiles back at them. my avg score range is in the ~400s, highscore 840

You did a really elegant job with the visuals here. I think the use of solid distinct colors is plenty communicative and lends itself to the scarf-switching variety concept. I didn't parse exactly what each ability was doing or how they were fusing without reading your notes, but experimentation was fun, chaotically swapping things out while the scene runs in the background. the spawn bubbles showing up over the menu is a nice touch.

The limited palette reminds me of something made on PICO-8. Haxe seems really neat.
Excellent job on this!

Thank you! Agreed on the momentum shift being jarring—I tried to find a way to keep you moving during a water-jump but just couldn't quite figure it out in time. definitely a consideration as I iterate further. thanks for the feedback!