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This one's good! Solid gameplay loop, good ideas, and a nice artstyle. although i will say the baker guys either shouldn't go invisible or should leave trails so i can actually see if i'm getting away or not. also, the floor power thingies were kinda useless. the only one i used was the left click one, since the blockers either went away instantly or didn't activate in time, and the middle click was basically useless. other than that and like 2 other small nitpicks, this game's getting 5 stars from me.

Can't get past level 3, it won't take "relocated" as an answer.

It says I shouldn't be able to flip cards if they don't have the spiral ends, but I can.

I really like the artstyle, character designs, and the whole "possess objects for different abilities" thing, but I think I got stuck around the point where you get the computer. It's ability doesn't seem to do anything, at least from what I can tell. I'm guessing it's just me being a dunderhead though. 5 stars!