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Can you some how extract these into png format? or they stuck to unity?

Do the enemies have animations?

some interior decor/indoors would go great. Dresser , tables , etcs . Good work

This is too good. We need an expansion :0

done :0

Cool thanks for clearing that up

Is this included for patreon? Not sure what is difference of your tiers. Thanks!

Hey is your Game Starter Kit missings V1 on purpose?  Or are these monster not evoultion of version 1?

Good stuff

Looks great. Any Characters coming soon?

I love this style. Hopefully we see more like this , including environment.



You know would be cool. Some human characters such as a warrior,mage,archer.The generic "Hero" characters.Keep up the good work as these are great and looking forward to some more stuff.

This is some good stuff.

Worth the wait. Nice job.

Wow! This is awesome.An instant favorite.

Looking forward to it.

Do you plan to release any characters/enemies to go along this? Great work either way.

Thanks. Nice Update!

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This is great too. Of course I have to ask. Do you intend to add a player sprite as well?As always, keep up the good work.

Good work

This is really cool looking. Does it have indoors sprites for the building, if not do you plan to add some in the future?

what are cell size?

If you ever have time, would be nice if you  could make a video of this on your yt channel. Either way this is very helpful as well. Thanks.

does this have character animations

Nice.Also, could include those humanoid characters even if there no animated.Oh and if its not too much trouble color palette.If possible.Thanks.

You did an amazing job with this assesst. Hope to see future updates.

Why not bundle all asset's together in 1 bundle. Not sure who has what. And what I may be missing out of.

Any plans for Characters/Enemies in the future?

Great work!

These are very nice.Any plans for enemies?

Okay, understandable.Looking forward to the new heros.

Ah forgive me. I was thinking something like Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow. And I totally understand if you dont feel it would fit this style.

Nice update.You know what would be nice is a Run Animation.Keep up the good work

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Looks great. Any plans for character sprites ?

Would be awesome to see other item attacks.Spears,axes,whips etc.

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These are awsome.I cant wait for the characters.Hopefully they have many animations :0