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This game is so good and the art is just beautiful! Definitely one of my favorites. I hope there will be a guide though because I'm dyinggg in the part where it says 'All Love Fails'. Well, I'll keep trying. Keep working, guys! I'm looking forward to the full game!

hi again

i wanted to ask if the full game would also be optional purchase or would it be purchase required? (doesn't matter, i'd buy it anyway) 

thanks XD

p.s. keep working hard! i'll wait as long as it takes!

agh this is so good

i'm addicted

the art is just beautiful and the story is gripping

thank you for making this awesome demo, i'll wait for the full version!

p.s. all the guys are hawt

Hello! I have just begun to play your game, and it seems awesome! I just wanted you to know that in the scene where the MC wakes up in the house with Vern, she thinks " I stop moving, and realize that a slight hint of paint..." The typo's not a really big deal, but I just wanted to let you know! P.S. Beautiful art and great plot!