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What I've said in the YouTube video page -

Nice review. I've observed lots of points from your perspective playing. Keep it up and let me know if you need any help to make more reviews of this game or demo. Though it's not Tower defense, as you don't defend, you only destroy bases. Before making the demo, the speed of First person bot was higher including boost, I scaled that down thinking it would be too much, I'll improve on that including the invisible spots what was obstacle of bullet/fire & road stuck. I'll agree that I didn't work much putting turrets and put alot in a series as there's not much to play so if someone still interested, he will have the chance to play long and finish all those turrets. The range of the fire (let's call it plasma) was not enough to each turret, that was because, it's was possible to destroy turrets from safe distance, I'll work on that and atleast in an way I've to make it clear. Oh and turrets have auto health regen too, so attacking em after abit long will cause it's health to be full again. Nicely played. The point is I'll keep updating demo's and maybe game too, so keep checking back.