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Thank you so much, that’s very kind! 

Thank you so much, Brian! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much!

Yes, the main reason for now is that. I've considered "retirement" rules (reaching a threshold would allow you to return to the spirit realm with your calling fulfilled), but decided to leave it for future consideration. :)

Hi, Bell!

Just put up a few more community copies! Grab one and tell your friends!  ^^

I hope you have a great time with it!

Oh, I see!

Well, yeah! I think it would work nicely. Would love to see it implemented :)

Pretty well, I believe?

That’s an interesting shift on the feeling of the roll, if you keep the same tiers. 50% chance of a weak hit, 25% of a strong hit and 25% of a miss on the first roll! That is cool! 

The second roll becomes way riskier, though. Even if you roll a 1, you still have 37.5% chance of a miss on a reroll, so I believe the mechanics should address it somehow. 

Thank you so much! For this particular game, PoD is handled by The Game Crafter (had an easier time setting up a coupon with them)

Put up some more, hope you are able to grab one! :)

This is awesome to hear, thank you so much for sharing! 

I've been trying to add them all to this collection, but I might have missed one or two :)

Thank you so much!

I had an idea that took me two days to investigate before I realized it was too big for such a challenge.

When I finally got back on track, with a different idea, it was already too late to write 5k words.

I had a few other games already in development, but for jams like this, I like to start from scratch. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it.

Hello, Mystael!

In my creations, I like to explore the boundaries of what a game is. 

PP&P is a story-building game, one that invites you to establish connections between facts. Player agency is in allocating the dice you roll, interpreting the results, and weaving a storyline with it. This is the logic behind games such as For the Queen, Microscope, Fall of Magic, and many more.

 Step 6 is actually a conflict resolution system disguised as a story prompt.

If this is not "game" enough for you to call it a game, I'm absolutely fine with it. :)

Have a great day!

Thank you for checking it out and for your support!

That's a good point, I'll find a way to include a full cost PoD copy with the free kit!

Oh my gosh, this is absolutely gorgeous! That made my day!

Yes, I’d love to see it translated to French! I could share the original files with you, if you want? Let me know the best way to contact you.   

Thanks for sharing and best of luck with the glowing runestones! ^^

I know, right?

I'd love to see yours in the catalog, thank you!

Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! ^^ 

I have an SRD up that includes a single-sheet template for your games.

Since its release, we've seen near 1,300 downloads and nearly 60 games made with it.

Push SRD by Cezar Capacle (

Thank you for reporting back, it means a lot to me! If you ever publish your playthrough, I'd love to read it. 

Thank you so much!

Oh, nice! I hope it works for your project! 

You got it!

Thank you!

I hope it offers a new dimension for your solo games!

Oh, absolutely! Just replenished the free kit. I hadn’t noticed it had finished. Sorry and thank you! 

Yeah, for sure! 

Tomorrow I'll post some news about that, I hope it can help even more players do the same in their games!

I appreciate your comments and your taking the time to explore the system!

That ending was a real plot twist! I don't want to spoil it, so if you're reading this, you should definitely check it out!

That was a fantastic episode!

Thank you! Yes, very soon I’ll update the community copies!

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback! 

And oh boy do I want to see a giant bionic turtle carrying your settlement around!

My pleasure! Hope you have a great time!

Hi, there! 

So if you try  to download the game again, you just need the core book PDF. Make sure the file ends with v105. 

And yes, the Print on Demand has also been corrected already. 

I love Death, Fate and Doom! And the Matrices are deliciously evocative!

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, yeah, absolutely! Go right ahead, I’m excited to see how it turns out! :)

Thank you so much!

Yes, you're correct! I hadn't heard about said word before, but came across it when research synonyms for Karma, since I thought that was a evocative concept for the only number that governs this game. 

Apparently, Kismet has been absorbed as part of the English lexicon as well!

Thank you for your kind review!

Muito bom!

Thank you so much!