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Thank you, Alex! Appreciate it 

Hi, Steve! Thanks for the comment! The text mentions a chance to hit a 10+, which is indeed 1 in 6 :)

Of course! In any case, if you are interested in the physical book, drop me a line, I’m sure I can work something out for you :)

Absolutely. Shoot me an email at

Because of the higher cost of PoD, I'd have to lower my margins significantly in order to offer the book at a reasonable price.  

Appreciate that! Every now and then I am updating the community copies so you’re welcome to grab one :-)

Hi, there! I certainly can! I just can’t post it here or on the page because I don’t get any revenue from physical sales. That’s why I offer the link as a complementary option for PDF buyers. If you purchased the game, but couldn’t find the link, I ask you to email me at and I’ll send you the links directly. I hope this helps! :-)

I hope you have a blast!

That’s very kind, thank you so much ^^

Thank you so much, that’s very kind! 

Great points! English is also my second language, I guess that translates to simpler sentence structures and instructions. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you so much! Somehow the original comment flew under my radar. Indeed, I wouldn’t say the game is targeted at kids. As you mentioned, it can be played if you take in consideration the length and some of the themes. 

Hot showers are lifesavers! Thank you so much for your support ^^ 

Those are great points, thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you so much, I’m super excited 😊 

Thank you so much, that’s very kind ^^

Thank you for your kind review! Lovely to hear you’re considering it for playing with kids, sounds like a great fit!

Hi, there! Thanks for getting in touch. Actually, the demo in Portuguese is the full game that I made available free for the Portuguese-speaking community. But I put up some more community copies if you want to check it out before deciding to purchase it. :) 

Some more are up!

They are up!

Hi, there! I’ll be replenishing the community copies soon! Hope you’re able to grab one! ^^

Hi, there! Thanks for the question! Not really essential, I’d say. It is perfectly playable with a pre-made map, or even without a map at all, just by keeping track of the places you visit on any kind of journal or document of your choosing. 

Thanks for reporting back, I’m glad you are enjoying it! And I hear you, I’ll bring it to my revision table ^^ 

Thank you, likewise! Some more copies are up!

There are some more up! Happy Holidays!

Thank you! Working on it right now ^^

I lie! The table pages have darker border too. But the reference guide that also contains all the tables is on full white background 

The darker pages are the chapter titles only. All text is on white background. I’ve seen some people printing a negative version of the title pages, but they aren’t really necessary, if you don’t mind them. In short, I believe it’s mostly printer friendly :)

Thanks! Yes, they're going out so fast! I'll be replenishing them throughout the campaign.

Hi, there! Yes, there is a chance! Let's see if I can make it happen ^^

Hahahaha! Thank you, Scott! 

I hope this is a good kind of trouble I am giving you!

Appreciate your support! Just put some more community copies up if you want to check it out ;)

Hi, Tina!

Thanks for bringing that to my attention! 

Fixed it! I wish I could just leave the coupon without an expire date, but itch does not allow me. In any case, it should work now!

Thanks again!

Perfect, I hope you enjoy it ☺️

BTW, thank you so much for sharing it with your followers! Deeply appreciated ^^

Awesome! Thanks for checking out the game. 

BTW, where was it shared, exactly?

Thanks, more to come soon! 

Thank you very much!

Appreciate your support, thank you!!