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Thank you, Roy! Your support means a lot to me :)

Hi, there! Sorry for taking so long! Sure, I can arrange something. Where can I send you a private link with the discount?

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Hey, there!

If by any chance you read the preview alpha version and want to discuss any aspects of it, please feel free to do so here!

My pleasure!

Sure thing!

TL;DR: cards are pretty central to gameplay, but I plan on having alternate rules with dice only.

So, cards represent the characters you take on heists, their talents, the obstacles you have to face, the complications and twists along the way. Most of those are static during play, so they can easily be replace by post-its or, really, a list of things.

Where it gets trickier is on character talents. There's a deck of character talents, 3 cards for each color-coded archetype, each card with 3 talents on it. So every player starts the round with 3 random cards on their hands, which will inform their decision on which character they want to activate and which action they would like to perform. It's non-diegetic on purpose, it's my way of incentivizing out-of-the-box thinking and whacky solutions for the obstacles. 

After you use that card, you discard it. And bringing it back into play costs HEAT (a form of stress). 

So your VTT should be able to draw from a pile, discard it on another pile, and eventually reshuffle it.

The same effect could be achieved by rolling on a random table, maybe? Although it still feels a little sloppy to me. 

But I'll be working on a card-less version that feels true to the original intent, both for online players and for folks that can't afford to buy or print the cards themselves. 

Let me know if that clarifies a little bit or if you have more questions.


Thank you! I'll check them out!

A catch-all topic for anything that isn't covered in any of the other topics.

This is your space to ask me anything regarding the system, the gameplay, the theme, the inspiration etc.

Go ahead! What's in your mind?

Gameplay in Starlight Riders is based around Moments, those cool tropes we love in heist movies and tv shows. You know, climbing elevators, cheating on a poker table, breaking into a vault.

This topic is for you to tell me your favourite moments in heists that you want to experience during a session. They may end up in the game!

As you know, we're building a Spotify playlist to accompany gameplay! And this is the Topic to leave your recommendations!

Thank you so much for your kind review! I'm so glad the game provided you with a pleasant experience!

A nature generator module is a brilliant idea! I'll revisit the game soon and see if I can come up with something.

I deeply appreciate you taking the time to share it here. Thanks again!

That is super kind of you to say, thank you so much!

It is available in print now here!

Hi, there! Yes, over the next week I'll setup a print on demand version! Thank you for your interest!

Thank you, that means a lot! :)

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

Hi, there! Yes, it mainly is. It can also be played together, as a “shared solo” experience. 

Thanks for your question, I’ll edit the page to make it clear. 

Thank you for posting it here too! I'm so glad with your comments and feedback, so much so that the new iteration will address most of the things you pointed out.

Regarding the tainted backpack square: if it was a Provision, yes, it remains there forever as a "stain". If it was an Ingredient, you can put it in your workshop and in your projects as normal, respecting the restrictions of a tainted square: you can't "craft out" that square.

Please let me know if that clarifies your question and thanks again!

Thank you so much! That warms my heart :)

This is a work of art. Well done.

Much appreciated, thank you!

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Hi, there! Thank you for your observation! 

Indeed, I try to keep my games accessible considering the local economy. So Brazilian minimum wage is R$5/hour, so that's how I decided on the price for the Portuguese version. 

It is my way to keep prices fair. 

However, if you are going through financial hardship at the moment, do not hesitate to contact me and I am sure we can arrange something!  

Indeed! There's some dissonance when comparing to core BitD. Oracle 2 is lifted directly from One Page Solo Engine, and higher is not necessarily better, it's just... more intense? So yeah "How bad" "How large" "How cold" "How many guards" "How many gold pieces" are all equally valid questions.

And by "it" I mean using the Oracle 2! Sorry I just realized I wasn't clear

Yes, that’s exactly how I would do it! I’d  also use it for Challenge Level if unsure. Great idea, that’s going for tips and options for sure. 

Very insightful review! That's exactly the philosophy I followed while designing it. Thanks and enjoy your games!

Sure thing! I’ll set one up and let you know! Thank you! 

This is great news! I'm glad you kept at it! Thanks for sharing! : )

This is very neat. Congrats!

This is really nice! I have a question, though. How much damage do we take when we miss on a Oppose roll? I was unable to find that info. Congrats on a great game!

Oh, I love your house rule! Best of luck to both of you!

Thanks for checking it out! You circle only the big dots (there are 5 to the left and 5 to the right, one in the middle) 


Sorry I missed your comment! I'm really glad you liked it and even more that you translated it into French!

Merci beaucoup!