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A member registered Jul 23, 2022

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this game was actually really good and scary, awesome graphics too, Good Job Creators :D

Short and sweet horror game :D 

My first video to ever get 10k views is due to this cool little horror game, keep it up :D 


true that lol, but yeah it did hahaha :D

this was really cool, awesome job on this little game, amazing atmosphere and based on true store :D 

fun little game, good job M8

Frosty ate yellow snow.... 

dont trust Santa LOL, good little game :D 

Liked the creepy atmosphere, being alone in the sewers... what could go wrong ? 

pretty cool game, keep it up :D 

this game was really fun / creepy, Check it out! :D 

this was fun, keep it up! :D

cool little game, I like these types 

cool little game, keep it up :D 

this game was actually fun / enjoyable :D 

this game was fun, I got jump scared really bad to LOL 

pretty cool game, good job on the story/ poetry :D

I liked this game, good job it was fun to play with a couple scares lol,

this game was pretty cool, very creepy house and scary creature 

this was a nice start to your game creating adventure, if you can do this you can do much more with your talent! I been working on blender myself creating stuff so I understand the time and effort it can take to make projects like this. keep it up :D 

this game was really cool! had some good scares

this game was pretty cool, keep it up :D

this game was short and sweet! keep it up

this game was pretty cool, good job ! 

this game was really good, good jump scares and gameplay was pretty cool!

was so short but I got santa in 4k so  thats all that matters, this game good lead to a bigger better project 

thiss game was pretty fye, dig the Christmas vibe 

did not expect the scare hahaha, was very creepy and cool little game

game was pretty cool, I really enjoy the medieval looking games like this :D 

this game was cool! I liked the scares and the little exploration looking for the symbols, was creepy as heck :D

this game is pretty cool and the graphics are good

this game had good jump scares and was really cool! Good job creators :D 

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this mcdonalds needs a bad review but this game gets a good one :D Good job it was pretty cool 

this game was creepy! well put together. Awesome job creators :D 

this game was cool, really got me on that jump scare LOL 

this game was really cool! I liked it  a lot. puzzle solving and exploration / creatures trying to get you... what more could you ask for :D 

pretty cool, I would hate to work here where co workers go nuts and do what?? play the game to find out