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Awesome! I tried F11, Ctrl+F but somehow forgot Alt+Enter.

It does stretch the aspect ratio, which I don't mind at all, but I thought it would be good to tell you.

I'm actually not sure anymore if a save game is a good idea. Not being able to save made me really care about my progress. I think as much as I enjoyed the game, if I could have saved, I would have, and then never played again.

Not having save, forced my investment, and because the game is procedurally generated and not extremely long, it really is not necessary. Unless you want to grow turnips on the entire map?

I was just thinking how often Ludum Dare games are "missing features" but they end up being more powerful or poignant as a result.
I'm not sure if the end game was meant to resemble Tantalus, or if you just ran out of time, but I really enjoyed that getting the treasure was such a pointless exercise within the story. It didn't help me get home, and as a player, it didn't help me unlock some shiny achievement. It feel more lonely than at any other point throughout the game, it really sunk in that there was not much left to do but quit/die.

So, my feature suggestion, is to leave it as is, its great.

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