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After you push it one level up you need to move it to the edge of platform so wifi reach corner of upper platform. And then jump there and jump again

So road is actually straight and its all lense effect? Damn that cool

Yeah, realised it after submission. Duo was added in last seconds and not tested properly, will fix that with update after jam.

It can make mixed signails, as character may be outside of wifi for long time and wifi bars appears only when he still. Timer easier to get

Good base for bigger game :)

Like it, lense effect and slow flow creates special mood.

А всё, разобрался. Найс концепция)

Comics book barely visible, especially if you sroll accidentially a bit.

Эмодзи с книгой еле заметил. Но даже без этого так и не понял что конкретно нужно сделать. Автор выручай.

Nice concept, just interesting why tank and not robot for such power/connect system :)

Interesting look on tic tac toe :)