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do you know i clean forgot putting that line on the end page. I think you actually are the first, after six years! congratulations! please enjoy 100 points!

Hehehe, I have indeed been shown that panel, but by all means let me share it for everyone in this thread ^^ This is from The Wooden Mansion, a short story by Junji Ito.

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Oh my god! I'm glad my old story could inspire you to write. Looking forward to reading.

Yeah indeed!

Aw! No so far as I know that is not possible from within browser. Must have been some sort of weird coincidence. Glad you enjoyed the story, in any case!

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Thank you! But who said it's supposed to be a game? I don't consider it such either :)

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This collection is fucking amazing. That's what my long gushy review amounts to.

To get this to work on 64-bit Linux, you'll need to install some 32-bit libraries. On Linux Mint, you can get most of the way by installing the ia32-libs library (via synaptic, or `sudo apt-get install ia32-libs`) but you also need the 32-bit version of GTK 3.0 which you can do via the command line (`sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-0:i386`)

aaah i'm so glad you liked it! <3