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I played it a long time ago and it was the first real visual novel that I've played and I could not be happier. Since then I'm hooked and whenever someone ask me for recommendation, I tell them about this game.

The game was amazingly well made. I liked the fact that Lucette wasn't the typical protagonist. She was mean and cold and at first, you kinda dislike her but as the story goes on, you learn why she is like that and actually start to sympathize with her. 

All of the characters were well written and likable, which isn't something that is always easy to do so congratulation on that. The story just draws you in, helped of course with the amazing backgrounds and character design. 

Honestly, one of the best visual novels I've played and I could not have asked for more. Can't wait to see what you will create next!

I started by playing the romance route and I have to say that I LOVE the interaction you can have with Silas, but not only that. It is very important for me to see the characters personality develop throughout the game, and you delivered. We could see Silas change little by little, and it was very satisfying to see. The story in itself is very interesting, I never thought I could fall in love with a robot, and yet because of your amazing story telling, I did. In my opinion, you are very talented and I really hope to see more games from you!