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too many tsunderes omg not that i hate it or anything

I really want Lanneis and sad dad I caN'T WAIT


I've been spending the past day playing this and Anholly's story I cri evritiem and I can't wait for Iris and Melanie !!!!!

Fav character in this is probably the statue in the room of liars heheh oh and the king's backstory.... I need to know everything pls tell me

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I can't even wait till I finish the whole game to write a comment because this game is sO GOOD GOD BLESS
I've only gotten one ending from Radley and dang son he is CUTE
Even though the gameplay wasn't too long, the story itself and the sassy comments made up for it
I played the game at like 3am so it was really hard to not burst out laughing
The characters are all very interesting and this is that kind of game that you don't wanna stop halfway through. I stayed up until 5am cuz I couldn't stop
Everyone should give this cute lil game a try because it's AMAZING not even exaggerating. The whole game is beautiful, each and every aspect of it. It's g8 m8 I r8 8/8

spoiler: radley's unrequited love really bums me out :-((((

AMAZING GAME !!!! and yes caps is necessary. I played the game after like a month from when I downloaded it so I forgot that this is a demo
I was so into it and then bam the demo ended and I'm like ?????
I really liked the gameplay and the story of the game ! Can't wait for the full version :0)

ugh great game
hoped it could've been a tad bit longer tho :0)

clearly this is not for the weak of heart :00

great game tbh. the gameplay is surprisingly long tho didn't expect that
but it got real dark real soon and now I'm reluctant as to if I want to play it again :0000
but overall 8/10 :-))))