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This is so interesting! And Ornell is so cute! I can't be mean to him. It's like the protagonist has a little brother now. 

But I wonder what will happen next. This kind of reminds me of Dragon Age.

Aww! I wish I could help you translate, but I don't know Spanish. 😭

Maybe Google translate can be of help.

Congratulations!!! ❤❤❤

This game is so interesting!

I look forward to playing through chapter 3! 😁

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I’m so glad you updated! And I totally, totally enjoyed playing through this new chapter! 🥰

I am really captivated by Pin’s route. I worry about Pin, but I still trust Pin to get through whatever trials and tribulations the dark church puts him through. However, I don’t trust Rubi, but Pin seems set on working with Rubi, so I wonder if the two will come to a compromise.  

I really liked Zihel’s route, too. It’s like MC brings out the best in Zihel, or at least tries to. While I read about the two playing laser tag, I couldn’t help smiling. Every time Zihel gets angry, I’m reminded of Akane. Where would we be without our two cute hotheads, though? 🤭

I liked Ariel’s route, too. He seems so free-spirited, though. Does the dark church make Ariel feel like a caged bird? 😟

As for MC, I suspect Valefar is using MC to keep Ariel, Zihel, and perhaps even Pin within arm’s reach of the dark church. But I hope MC isn’t just a pawn in the bigger game. 

We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess. Anyhow, I look forward to the next update! This is one of my favorite, favorite games! ❤❤❤


I am so glad you updated! 😊

This chapter was an emotional rollercoaster, but I enjoyed playing this chapter.

The Brotherhood of Blood is such a strict organization. I fear for Pin since MC had that dream or nightmare. I hope Pin will be okay. 😯

Even though Zihel is mean, I still feel bad for him. I hope Zihel will get through the trials intact. I think that Zihel might have a crush on MC too. 😞

Since Ariel sketched someone like MC in appearance, I think that MC has a bigger role to play despite being a human. I believe Ariel’s emotional, artist nature is misunderstood by the Brotherhood of Blood. I hope Ariel won’t get into trouble for disagreeing with Valefar or the Brotherhood of Blood. 😌

As for Valefar and Abbess Eris, I don’t trust those two. I don’t believe Valefar and Abbess Eris have good intentions for Pin, Zihel, Ariel, and MC. 🤨

I can’t wait until your next update. We’ll visit Akane, Kyeran, and Maskeguy in the next update, right? 😀

I wonder what Akane, Kyeran, and Maskeguy are up to. 🤓


Finally, I got the time to play through everyone’s routes. And OMG, I think I’m in love with all three of them! 🥰

I like Reed’s weird cute nature now. He was angry at MC for being oblivious or indifferent about his feelings for her. And I thought that ‘resentment’ was ‘suspicious behavior’ on his part. Then I concluded that Reed was just heartbroken over harboring seemingly ‘unrequited’ love. Perhaps Reed took that frustration out on MC with snarky, snide remarks here and there. Overall Reed loves and cares about MC in his own way. 😊

I love Jewel so much. She is so beautiful and kind-hearted 😘. At first, I didn’t know that Jewel harbors feelings for MC. Later on, I could tell that Jewel has feelings for MC who is so oblivious. In MC’s defense, MC seems work oriented as any tier five in hiding would be. After all, MC is taking part in an illegal business. 

I like how Flavio makes fun of Laurent and MC. I wonder if Flavio knows that Reed has feelings for MC, but I’m sure Flavio would know something so obvious. However, I hope Reed doesn’t dislike Flavio more for helping Laurent and MC become something more than just friends. Also, I want to say that Laurent and MC are so cute sometimes. 🤗

I can't wait until the next update! 🤓

I love your game so, so much! ❤

Thank you so much! ❤

I'm so happy you updated again!

The Angels are so mysterious, but Hasiel seems the most mysterious one out of them. And so, I look forward to learning more about Hasiel. He's so, so cute and cuddly. I just want to hug Hasiel so much! 🤗

I think Arael is smarter and tougher than she seems. I wouldn't underestimate Arael just because she's unfamiliar with human customs. Although Arael is underestimated, I think she can use that to her advantage in future fights. 😏

If not a threat, I believe Joe's skills are valuable to the Angels. The Angels seem to recruit humans like Joe and the MC. This Hanael and Hasiel have similar names. 🤔

Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting your next update. The story is getting really, really interesting! 🧐🤓

This seems so interesting!

And I think I already have a crush. Okay I may have more than one crush. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤭🤫

I can't wait to play the full game! 😍



I’m so glad you updated again. As usual, I loved the new chapter. 😃

It’s a relief to know Reed isn’t trying to frame MC for murder. But I think that Reed resents MC for some reason. I’m not sure why certain characters keep warning MC that Reed has ulterior motives for helping her. I mean, Reed’s older brother is even helping MC to clear her name. Of course, I was shocked to learn that Reed has an older brother. Since Reed and Flavio both talk to MC, I hope MC can help Reed and Flavio mend their broken relationship.

While Laurent and Reed seem suspicious, Jewel is the only one who MC can trust without a doubt. It was so cute how Jewel and MC held hands while falling asleep together. I think Jewel has been running and hiding her whole life. I hope Jewel and MC manage to escape safely from Sylvia. I don’t want Jewel or her family members hurt since they already been through a lot. I feel like MC would blame herself if Jewel or someone else got hurt.

Since Sylvia is Laurent’s mother, I wonder if MC will still trust Laurent. But MC doesn’t know the relationship between Laurent and Sylvia. So MC can’t jump to conclusions right away as I can. It’s so obvious Laurent likes MC. He’s so bad at hiding his feelings from MC. Let’s just hope Laurent understands his feelings for MC.

The club scene with Reed was so much fun. I hope Reed and MC go clubbing again. I wish they could’ve danced together at the club. ❤

And I loved hiking and camping with Jewel, too. It was so, so cute how Jewel and MC held hands and fell asleep while watching the stars. ❤

I can’t wait till the next update! 😊


I'm hooked!

I love the story. It's very interesting. The setting just adds to the dark, dreary atmosphere. 🧐

The characters are unique and mysterious. I wonder if Ellie can trust them. I think Brenton and Tristin are harmless, but Seta and Karon seem suspicious. 😅

Still I look forward to playing everyone's route. 😊


I’m so glad you guys updated. I’ve been looking forward to playing some more. And I enjoyed the new chapter. 😀

I think Kyeran is too good for this world. He’s so kindhearted and good-natured. Unlike him, I don’t believe I could forgive Doughy. After all, Doughy did kidnap and imprison people who were used as lab rats later on by Coco. Even now, I don’t trust Doughy since the man won’t admit what he did was wrong. So, I hope Kyeran and the rest keep a close eye on him. 👀

I like Maskeguy. He’s hilarious in his own way, but I wonder how he looks like without the mask on, and what happened to his right eye. His apron is so cute too, the little ladybugs just add to the cuteness. When Maskeguy invited us to his house, I was kind of surprised. After all, I didn’t think Maskeguy trusted us. Also, I assumed Maskeguy thought that we’re trouble because we’re involved with supernaturals. Still, I guess Maskeguy considers us a friend now after what we’ve been through together. 😊

I think Akane is hilarious, too. Since she gets angry easily, Akane reminds me of Zihel. I’m sure she wouldn’t like the comparison, but Zihel and her are both fire signs. I’m a Sagittarius like Zihel and I think Akane is an Aries. She’s nicer than Zihel and I would love to be friends with her. She seems like a good person at heart and always willing to help people in need. She and I share the same passion for food as well. 😁

I can’t wait to see what the Angels are up to, though. I miss Hasiel a lot, the cute Angel who I just want to hug so much. I hope we’ll see the Angels soon, so I can figure out why they’re so invested in Coco’s lab. I just feel like they’re doing something with Coco’s research, to maybe get rid of it so no one can use the information gathered by Coco on supernaturals against them …? 🤨

I don’t know, but I look forward to your next update as always. 😎


I'm so glad you updated! 😀

That chapter 3 was so interesting, too! 🧐

Let's talk about Reed. I don't trust this boy anymore. I should've gone with my guts. I thought that Reed was being too nice, too playful in the beginning. But I learned in chapter 2 that Reed was a classmate of MC’s, so I thought that Reed was just a love-struck little puppy chasing after MC. When Reed took MC to that 'barn' hideout, I couldn't help feeling uncomfortable since the hideout has a lot of locked doors and Reed was the only one with the keys to open them. And then Reed talked about using his looks as an advantage, like using his looks to lure in people for personal gain. And I think Reed wants something from MC or doesn't truly like MC ...🤨

At this point, I don’t doubt Jewel. She doesn’t seem like a ‘wolf in disguise’ to me. I think Jewel is in our position as well since she has a lot to lose. I believe Jewel is willing to do anything to protect her family and friends. I can tell that Jewel went through a lot growing up and that hardened her. I love that artwork of Jewel sleeping on the train with the blanket draped over her and her motivation to protect MC. I said this before but Jewel is so beautiful and a true gem … 💎

As of now, I’m giving Laurent the benefit of doubt. I mean, Laurent has a lot to lose now for helping MC, like his job and reputation. While Reed wouldn’t let MC read a newspaper, Laurent let MC look at his confidential reports about the murder. When we chose Reed over everyone else, Laurent said something like “I hope you know what you’re doing” and Jewel voicing “Good luck” like Reed was suspicious. If we chose Laurent or Jewel over Reed, then there wasn’t such a concern over MC’s wellbeing since Laurent and Jewel don’t think of each other as being untrustworthy. I think Laurent is so handsome and gentlemanly … 🤗

Or I'm just over-analyzing again ... 😆

I look forward to the next update! I can't wait to figure out what's going on!

I love your game so much!

My favorite, favorite prince is Serin! He's so cute, handsome, and beautiful! He's also a gentleman and prince charming!😊😚🤗

The protagonist is so adorable, too. I just want to pinch the protagonist's cheeks. I like how we tease the princes, especially Prince Serin. 😗😃😄

I can't wait to play it! 😊



I'm so glad you updated!

I totally enjoyed playing chapter two!

I love all of the characters so far. I still don't know who to trust, but I can't help loving them. Okay, I'll admit it, that I have a crush on Reed the most! 😊

I mean, Reed is a cutie! Since Reed and MC were classmates, I think he has feelings for MC. On the other hand, Reed could just be a flirt. I hope we can trust him, though. I like him. 😗

As for Jewel, I think she may have feelings for MC too. After all, Jewel and MC were coworkers at the shop. So, I assume Jewel and MC became fast friends. I'm still giving her the benefit of the doubt since she seems trustworthy to me. I'm not sure about others. 😉

I don't know what to think about Laurent. The MC doesn't seem to have any type of relationship with him which we're aware of right now. And I don't blame Reed for not trusting Laurent. But I don't blame Laurent for not trusting us either since someone is a murderer among the group and trying to frame MC. 😌

I can't wait until chapter three. The story is getting so good. 😁

I understand where you're coming from. I'm never really satisfied with what I make, either. Nevertheless, I still like your game and I'm excited to see the finished product😊



This is so interesting! 😃

The art is phenomenal, too! 😘

I'm hooked already, like I can't wait to figure out what's going on. Knowing my luck, I feel like I might just end up falling for the wrong person. 😂

I think Jewel is beautiful. Her name is Jewel, after all. I hope Jewel is trustworthy, but I can't be for sure. For now, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.

I don't know about Reed. I mean, Reed is cute, but he's too close for comfort. His personality is rubbing me the wrong way, like he's trying to be nice to lure us into a trap or something.

As for Laurent, I think he's handsome. I don't know if we can trust him, either. I suspect Laurent was sent to deceive us, like pretend to be our friend, but then turn us over to the authorities. 

Maybe I'm just overanalyzing, but someone is trying to frame us for murder ... or we actually did commit it. 😶

There's no way I'm capable of that. I'm a weakling ... 😐

Anyhow, I can't wait to play some more!

I hope an update comes soon! 🤗

I put a spoiler warning.

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Poor MC!

I feel for MC!

After all, MC is taking the anger directed toward the King and Queen. I know the King and Queen weren't the best rulers, but people should understand that MC and his/her siblings hadn't any political power to right the wrongs ... yet

So, I hope MC reclaims his/her throne and takes revenge on those that betrayed the Peg'asi family. Some say you can choose your family, others say you can't choose your family. Regardless MC is bound by blood to the Peg'asi birthright and should focus on fulfilling his/her duty as amends for causing their untimely deaths. 

I want MC to step up, not to take the 'easier' way out. I don't believe MC can escape who he/she is or who he/she was/is meant to be. I think that if MC spends more time traveling to these impoverished parts, then MC can find a way to help those in need as the new reigning king/queen and build a better legacy for his/her family. 

I can't wait to play, but I have to take my exam first! 😅


I just finished Jack's and Dietrich's routes. It was so adorable, especially Jack's route.

I wish MC can gain control of their magic powers and save everyone from the winter. 


I just finished the demo. And I'm looking forward to more. Your game is so interesting and I love the artwork. 😊

It works fine now! 😊


I'm excited to play your game! 😊

There's just one problem, though. When I start the game, the Unity logo shows and then the game gets stuck on a grey screen. 😥

I'm so excited to meet Vexx! 😘

And I can't wait to spend more time with June and Damon! 😊

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I'm so glad you updated! 😀

I loved the demon routes, especially Ariel's route. Zihel and Pin 'solved' MC's insomnia in their way, but I liked Ariel's solution in the end. It’s so useful to have a musician as a boyfriend, isn't it? You have lullabies sang to you if you're having trouble sleeping. 😊

I mean, Zihel is still scary, but also pretty funny. When MC found Zihel at the bar, I couldn't help laughing when Zihel asked MC "Have any of your friends been kidnapped again?". Then Zihel made MC drunk, with probably alcohol meant for demons. That Zihel better take MC home, or else those onlookers at the bar might trouble MC. 😯

I was surprised by Valefar's reaction when MC chose Pin over Zihel and Ariel. I suppose some people came across Rubi than Pin. So I think Rubi is the one frightening people. And Pin is taking the blame for it. When we found Pin in Coco's lab, I was a bit frightened by him. But MC got to know Pin a little better at the end and Pin seems so friendly. Maybe MC will get to know Rubi a little better, too. 🧐

That Valefar guy is suspicious ... 🤨. I don't trust Valefar. I don't think Valefar has good intentions for MC or Zihel, Ariel, and Pin. I hope MC steers clear of Valefar, like Ariel warned MC. 

I can't wait to play the angel and human routes. You already know by now Hasiel is my favorite angel. And I'm growing fond of Kyeran as well. Of course, I still think MC is a supernatural or psychic. I mean, MC's dreams are of demons and angels fighting. Whether those dreams are from the future, present or past, MC is caught in the crossfire. 😁

Until then, I suppose. 

By the way, I love the music! 😎🎵 ❤

I'm so glad we finally rescued everybody!

I know we met Pin for the first time, but I love him already. He's so, so cute and I just want to hug him. 😊

I was so relieved when Zihel and the angels came to save us. I thought that Coco would capture and experiment on us, too. 😯

I have a feeling that the MC might be a supernatural or psychic, not completely human. Or I might be wrong ... 😅

I look forward to chapter 6. ❤

That elderly woman playing cupid is goals!🤣😂

I enjoyed the DLC, especially June and Damon's routes. And I agree with MC, that the A6 look pretty in pink. 😘

I hope chapter 3 comes out soon. I can't wait to play more. 🤗


I love side missions!

I'm so looking forward to spending some quality time with June, but is Vexx going to be involved in this DLC as well? Something tells me Vexx won't be joining the festival with us because ... spoilers, right? 😅

And I'm so looking forward to chapter 3, too! We left off on a cliffhanger. I've been wondering what's going to happen next to us. I can't wait to play some more soon. 🤗

This is really interesting! 

And I can't wait to play some more!  😀

I love both the story and artwork. I feel like Vincent is up to something, but I don't know what. I wonder why there is a rift between the Dalencourt siblings, though I can come up with only a few guesses. I hope our intrusion into their lives does some good, except I'm a bit doubtful since Vincent seems to be pulling the strings.  😮

Oh, my gosh!

I knew we were a prince/princess!

I really want to know more about the mysterious love interest. Is he our royal guard?! 😃

I'm more drawn towards this mysterious man with red hair. I feel like he's a missing piece from our past. I really want to remember who we are. If I was truly in this position, I would feel so lost and out of place without my memories. So I would rather choose to remember, then make a decision about my future.

I'm not sure who to trust anymore. I have this suspicion that the Andromeda Six might have something to do with what happened ... to us, to the royal family since they are mercenaries. If the youngest royal member was always hidden, then the Andromeda Six probably didn't know who we were and took us aboard or they're holding us hostage for ransom money.  

Or I might just be deeply paranoid ... 🤣

Anyway, I can't wait for more chapters. I'm really intrigued so far. 😁

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I'm so glad you updated. 😊

I'm liking your game so far. The music is my absolute favorite. And I think I'm falling head over heels for Hasiel. In fact, I want to hug Hasiel so bad right now. After all, Hasiel looks so cute and cuddly. 🤗😘

However, I love that this game makes me think more about angels. Since angels are always portrayed as good, I thought that angels were nothing to be afraid of. But I believe that was wrong of me to think, as we know truly nothing about angels. And I don't think our stories or myths about angels are accurate, so relying on those tall tales wouldn't be such a smart move on our part. I think the best thing for us is to not trust anyone. 😌 

I don't trust Coco or Doughy. I believe the woman from our dreams is being held prisoner in Coco's laboratory. I think that Coco is experimenting on her, trying to use her as a way to provide a cure for all ailments mankind suffers. 🧐🤨

I see an improvement with the English translation, but I still spot some errors here and there. If you can please add a skip option for seen texts, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm asking this because I believe having a skip option would make it easier for people to try different routes. 

As always, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. And I hope we're one step closer to solving the mystery. 😄


I really enjoyed playing the demo.

This game is so interesting. My favorite characters so far are Charlie and Tom. 

When I was first introduced to Charlie, I felt instantly delighted. After all, Charlie's personality was so different than the rest of our patients. He was so friendly and brought a smile on my face. I know there's more to him than meets the eye.

Unlike Charlie, Tom was so mysterious. My list of questions for Tom just kept growing as I started to get to know him better. I look forward to meet his alters and maybe they will answer questions Tom won't.

I wasn't being biased with my schedule. As a psychologist, I wouldn't want to play favorites with patients who have mental illnesses and add to their distress. When Dr. Sharpe was evaluating our work, I realized Dr. Sharpe himself may be a potential love interest. 😅

I can't wait to play more. I want to know what will happen next. I'm suspicious of Dr. Sharpe and the hospital, though. I don't know why, but I get this feeling that they're hiding something ... or I might just be paranoid. 😆


I'm so happy that there was an update!

I think the missing persons are trapped between planes, that the humans accidentally crossed into the 'monster' world, and the 'monsters' crossed accidentally into the human world. I think this is because of us going back and forth from the human and 'monster' world, that the Unsight isn't working as effectively anymore. I think that our school is in on it as well, like they're hiding some secrets. 🤨

Or I might be completely wrong. 😅

But I can't wait to figure out what's going on. 😃


I'm really enjoying your game so far. The story is very interesting. And I like how the player's choices can alter the story for the better or worse.

The English translation needs a bit of work. But I'm sure you guys can improve along the way. 😊

I look forward to the next chapter. 😃

I look forward to more! :)

This is really, really interesting!

I feel like I can't trust any of the guys. They all seem to have ulterior motives, but maybe I'll find out their true intentions in the future chapters. I can't wait till the next update. 😁