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I actually just learned so much.  You are a Legend!

Hello, I am so sorry to bother you (again) but my question is similar to this above.
When I use this tileset I get these square edges and there is tan sand versus white sand.
Could I trouble you to provide me some details on how to fix this - I'm pretty bad at this - so sorry. =(

Screenshot attached.

Thank you so much, and the buildings/mountains/vegetation sheet should be on which tabs?  Sorry for all the questions.  I didn't see any documentation. 


I love the Overworld tileset, thank you so much for your efforts.
I am pretty new to RPGMaker in general but I was wondering how I use the tileset to get rid of the black edges to make the sand blend into the grass natively - or am I thinking about this the wrong way and the black edge is supposed to be there with the smooth transitions?

Thank you for your time!


Thank you I'll give it a run. Best wishes to you.  ^.^

Hello Caz!

Thank you for your work.  ^.^
I was wondering if you could explain how to make the show window work on higher resolutions?
For some reason the images, such as the shop background only cover half the screen and the Actor_1 for example doesn't load even though it is correctly referenced.

Thanks for your time. ♥

Unfortunately, can't get it to work on 1.5.0 MZ - might be user error however..  fantastic demonstration though!  Still worth the investment.

Hello!  Thanks for the update! ^.^  --  If we purchase the generator now - do we get version 2?  Thanks.