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Thanks for this demo, it's a really original concept, funny, well done

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Just a guess. It's a shader. He could've find some in renpy or other python library. Or he could've make his own hard coded shader, inthis case, take a look at shaders and "chromatic abberation"

Yeah, it surprised me a bit sometimes. Basicaly visual glitches, dark shaders and music pitch manipulation. Some are unexpected, some are coming from far away so you can see it coming

I know people should be aware it's not suited for child and "easy to distrub" people, but I've seen some tag on steam I woudln't like people to see because it would ruin the experience(at least reduce the element of suprise, which is what I wish the best for everyone). So let's think about tag get the right people to play this, in the best mindset.

I was thinking about:

-Mature content(people might think about sex, which is not appropriate for the non-target)

-Psychological(which is true and might no appeal to those who's not ready for it)

I know my suggestion might not be the best, but I truly think it's somethign to discuss about.

BTW thanks for this experience you provided

There's a button to run faster? xD

I reach my limit at copper medal, or maybe I use wrong routing, but I feel like I can only improve my score for 1 or 2 seconds, with more linear paths, better jumps on walls to avoid climb animation, but not that much.

The level design is nice to me, I got to rediscover some maps after wandering why a structure have been placed like this which makes it looks weird. So I'm like "there must be a reason" and try to reach it realising it connect to a shorter path.

Sooo daaaamn hard, but very joyfull. But how did you managed to reached platinum medal's score? Like for real? :D

When I read your first answers and afterwards your recomendations, I see you know what you're talking about, especialy when you say " However most of them were really unfinished" and recommend " FINISH them. It's really easy to abandon projects and to start over and over again. It's really hard to finish them." xD

Anyway thanks for all these answers. Well I'll try to implement A* pathfinding in my game maker project, and other before starting with unity.

It's YOUR game after all, and my opinion represent only my point of view after 20mins of gameplay so yeah take my comment as it is :D

Having the opportunity to try different fighting style is something I except from this type of game (but It's a lot of work to add so I don't mention it on unfinished project), that something I would love to try.

Yeah feedbacks, I don't know why I forgot this word :D

I'm pretty curious so let me ask you few things:

-Do you plane on making this game a product or only an amateur project?

-Is it your first game?

-How skilled are you on code? I mean do you know various languages, have you done years of work in a company, stuff like that?

-I would like to try Unity(2D), but for the moment I only got some basic knowledge in C (from my school) and doing some stuff with game maker. Do you think it's enough to start a project on unity, at least if I do their tutorials(ya know, the roll a ball, 2D ufo, 2D roguelike, procedural cave generation) or it's not good yet and I should have more experience on OOP first, or even in C#?

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Ok, I think I got your point.

If I was complaning about the dash and mana it's beceause if I don't use my mana it's really hard to not get hit (using a dash or a spell from distance). And there's no way to protect yourself from a melee attack, except getting a bit lucky on timing, attack range and ennemie's timing attack isn't really clear(To me it lacks what I call in french "lisibilité" which makes a situation easier to "read"). Also in a fight the player is always walking back, that's common in a game where you play a distance character since melee is his weakness, but even whith a sword, you keep walking back while charging an attack or waiting the ennemy so fail his. That's why a shield or a parry is a good solution for these problems to me.

It's ok if you want your game not to be as fast-paced as any Hack'n'Slash, but walking from a place to another is boring, wanting fights ot be slower, more based on timing than spamming, is a good idea. I was maxing swiftness, not to hit faster, but just to not get bored while moving. Having the possibility to run would be great, a running mode in which your can't fight and have to draw your weapon next after which slow you down to a more appropriate rythm for a fight.

To much tombstone, I sometime feels like playing a leg-less character :D , I recommand yout to make transparent stuff hidding your character.

I was afraid to be a bit harsh for an " independant amateur cuty loving game" but I tried to be more respectfull and don't treat your work like my 5yo nephew's hand-drawn family house. So it's nice you take it easy


-I had some fun

-Graphics are awesome

-Music too

-Good concept


-Can't perfect a swordman with a swordman, maybe I lack skills :P

-characters aren't well balanced

Good job, it's a nice game :)

I like this game. Could ba as good as Reigns to compare, but in a more turn based rpg style. A lot of stuff could be added in the game, and easily since your concept is simple. And having a smartphone version would be a hit

It seems cool and all, but feel very slow while playing, always (have only played the begining, I have to admit) struggling to find places to dash out ennemies strike. Why using mana(limited ressource) for dash and is there a way to protect yourself from attack like shields or parry? There's a real potential in top-down souls-like, and you seem to be skilled enough to make a good one, but from what I've seen the gamefeel isn't that good for the moment(slow and narrow all the time)