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No, sorry. I don't have the resources to support 32 bit platforms.


Hi! Thanks very much for your feedback

>And in game if I let go of the joystick the character would face the camera, inching every so slightly towards it.

iirc this game has a very forgiving deadzone, if you're drifting on neutral your controller has to be badly calibrated or defective. Have you tested the calibration on it?

Hi! Thank you very much for your video!

So far noone else has observed any issues with the keyboard controls and I wasn't able to reproduce them with my testers. Most of my players use keyboard and confirm no controls inaccuracies. I'm thinking what you're getting may be specific to you. Would you be willing to hop onto Discord and help us troubleshoot?

Hi! Thanks a lot, I'm happy you like it. Feel free to join the discord if you haven't already, we have an easier time discussing feedback there

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it! Loved your video

Thank you for trying out the demo! Feel free to join us on Discord if you are interested in the game

That is great to hear! If you haven't already, feel free to join the discord to better keep up to date on progress