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I haven't beaten this one yet, but I wanted to leave a comment saying I liked it so far. It has a lot of stuff for just a weekend jam!

This is exactly the kind of meta-joke I signed up for.

Haha, I liked it.

Oh, a utility! I didn't expect to see one. And it looks like you made it with just the HyperCard system itself. Cool.

Very cool

I've heard you can even look up in some places 🤔

Trippy cool dithering and glitching style. I have mastered swirly clicking.

My kingdom is in ruins :(

That was cool, though!

Hey that was funny :)

my body is still intersecting.

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Very clever use of HyperCard. I didn't have anyone to play with, but it's really impressive what you were able to do.

(Edit: ignore this edit)

Really nice line work

the 60fps etch-a-sketch that my alternate-alien childhood always wanted

very cute. kelp hat. also brn.