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Pretty neat game, but the momentum of the player objects is a bit too much. Tone it down a bit and it'd be a lot more fun. 

Could not put this game down. Jason has done an exemplary job at infusing nostalgic artwork with many creative puzzles and rewarding gameplay. Craig, the man behind the music, also does spectacular work providing that islander atmosphere with his amazing tracks. The community has been really awesome and it's a joy being a part of it and watching the game grow.

I grew up on the Gameboy Zeldas, and this game fills the void that time has made. The puzzles are challenging, exploring is exciting, and the whole thing leaves me very satisfied. I'm a completionist, and this game makes getting that 100% feel very rewarding. Looking forward to being able to back this project on Kickstarter!

This was pretty fun and I can't wait to see more! My one criticism is that the picomin don't unstick themselves well when they get separated from the corners and it's pretty annoying to walk about to get them to funnel through properly.

This is really cute. My favorite are the legs. So skittery! Haha
Would make for a fun "sling to the goal" kind of game.