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No updates at all on Kickstarter, or on here, of the status.  Last one last year on KS was in May.

Emailed you back, I would be happy to join your team!

I would like to know the story first, please. 

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Team has been found, but I still have 2 slots for my 3 free logos offers before I start to charge logos for anyone who needs one.   

You can check out my portfolio here:

I've participated in the Yaoi Game Jam before doing the logo for but I have a lot of logos in my portfolio above to show what else I can do.  

Please contact me through the contact form on my site or directly at and I will get with you :D

Logos will be only through email.

Thank you and hope to work with you :D

*grabby hands*

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I finished Direct Fondness and then Direct Love, having no idea they were different!  It was such a huge surprise and I love how the DLCs added more onto the moments.  This is such a wonderfully made game where your choices matter so much more and a great self-insert.  Both I do not mind when it's not so in depth in the genre, it is still so enjoyable.  But, dang, the fact that it is and there's still more to come is so exciting!

I subbed to the patreon since I wanted to see the WIPs and previews, and that 18+ content.  I really liked how Cove developed so much and I want to thank the team so much for this and I cannot BELIEVE that it is free with some DLC add ons.  I've recommended this game to many people and it will be at the very top to introduce people of this genre even though there is only one romantic interest right now, it's so highly customizable in terms of personality and the amount of choices.  I'll stop rambling now and say thank you so very much for all the hard work and creating this lovely story.  I can't wait to read the rest especially Dexter and Baxter!

Many thanks!  Definitely needed this~

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There has been no update for 6+ months despite others contacting them.  I don't think a full game is coming.

Update the backers, please.

Absolutely love this so far! Varg is really my favorite, I'm already writing a fanfic for him. The art is really lovely for a free game, especially the backgrounds and the animations in the menus when you first start and then during the ending video. I've been recommending this game to my friends lately and I hope to write reviews for the game soon :D