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how do you mark things with binocs

what is it going to be and when its done were can i get it

sorry not even background music for the video BUT did get epic headshot contemplation with silenced pistol

2 player lan would be nice but no online multiplayer steel raven already said no to it and even if they wanted to they would have to change the schematics of the game to support it

that would be epic

using same version of mac doesn't crash for me

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what you really need to add is more secondary weapons like more variety of pistol and a bayonet, also you should add an LMG (low accuracy so its not so over powered) and a new map the size of dustbowl and have a river with boats on it and opposite spawned on the opposing sides of the river with a big bridge and small cluster of buildings on either side of it

I would love you guys if you added that ;) (just suggestions: thanks for making an epic game) p.s. plz add burst fire gun, half-track for troop transport so is't easier for people to get faraway flags early in the match, parachute (automatically deploys when falling out of helicopter) and add fall damage

no multiplayer will be added they already told the first 100 people who asked that

it says it cannot be opened because there is nothing to run it HELP

hopefully the screen recorder I'm downloading works so i can get some raven field action also what are they thinking on adding to the 6th beta

they need to add a burst fire pistol and an LMG tripod minigun at both main spawn points