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Wow! That was quite interesting as well as fun. Loved the ending.

Tried to download using Itch desktop ap, as well as through web page, but keeps asing me for a folder. 

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Thank you so much for trying out the game and reviewing it.
I struggle with scripting and this is the first part of many exercises to get that skill up.
Appreciate your comments and questions.
The photo is actually the sea and rocks, when I applied the photo, it wrapped it like that, I liked the look so left it.

Great game mate. Good graphics and everything seems to function well. I could not get the box into the bin which frustrated me. I guess its a game about people's perception of what is tidy and what is not. I like how you gave me the option of shifting the matress but it never lined up properly and equally, another frustration. I could not also close the drawers, another frustration. I guess it proved your point. Well done!!