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thank you so much! i was happy that we were able to add that cutscene, it was such a cute idea from my teammate ^^

thank you !!

yeah all three of us on the team love cats, it naturally came to mind when we were coming up with ideas LOL
thank you so much!

true, it's very floaty! maybe some sort of powerup treats could help add some feeling of progression. thanks for playing!

thank you!!

i'm reading multiple comments about wanting to hug the cats so i need to keep that in mind to make a future project where you can hug other cats :'3 hehe
thanks for playing!!

thank you for playing it!!

yeah, it's meant to be slippery! thank you!

it's not meant to be a debug input, it's meant to be a spacebar secret control :) we tried to add a purring sound effect to make it seem more intentional, but i wonder if there's something else we can do to make it seem more like an intentional secret. thanks for playing!

noted: need to make a game about hugging other cats T^T
thanks for playing !!

cute and simple story game ^^ i liked the progression during the dream sequence, with each new room having a bit more to learn about the story and the stars

thank you so much for the kind comment ToT and thanks for playing!

thank you for playing and for the nice comment ! this definitely made me really excited about making games again :D

thank you so much!

*cronch* thank you for playing!!

thank you, all of us on the team really love cats... :3 thanks for playing!

it took me a little while to realize that i was speeding up, but when i got to start playing i love the sound effects and especially how the friends add to the music when they join you! really cute!

thank you! lol yes, the other cats had their naps interrupted! T^T thanks for playing!

i love the mixing colors concept, and the game is fun! the tutorial was really cool game/design itself too! purple is definitely the hardest color to shoot, but it's a fun dexterity exercise for my hand lol

Nice simple game! The top-down pixel art is really nice. Since it's a demo, I hope in the future that after a certain point, the obstacles around you can change and become more difficult. Fun game!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing and glad you like it!

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The art style is so awesome and I love the music! I've actually been wanting to play a rhythm fighting game for so long, and this really hits the spot. The dialogue is also incredible and funny. I love this game.

Really cute!! I would love some indicator for what tile I'm hovering over with my mouse. The farming is really cute and fun!

I really like the way that it controls! And I think that the animation really compliments the floaty feeling of the jump. It's really fun!

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback!! We'll definitely look into the transition speeds/adding an option for it!

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback! The diagram for the seasons is such a great idea that didn't come across to us, thanks for bringing it up! I also think faster transitions would help flow, we'll mess around with the settings there too. Thank you again!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Someone else also suggested the visual indicator and I think it would be a great addition! Thanks so much!!

Thank you!! Hopefully the solution for the last level was amusing, thanks for playing!

The design is very cool! I love being able to move around the whole planet. I wish that I could move a little bit faster to keep up with the enemies on the other side of the planet, but I love the game!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The art is awesome. I love the character designs, they're all unique. And the kombini backgrounds are so great! The ex-university student working at a "small job" storyline hits close to home. Nice work!

I love this jelly. I wish the reset button and the sound worked for me, but I love the mechanics and the art style!

This is cool! The gameplay feels good and I love that intro cutscene.

Thank you so much!

That's a cool way to think about it! Thanks for playing!

Ooh this game is really fun! I love that the goals at the end of the level is a fridge. I wish that I respawned at the beginning of every new level rather than having to start at the first level every time. The movement feels great, and the animations are amazing and charming!

I love this... All of your art is great, especially the mix of close-ups and wider scenes. Thank you for the nocturnal ADHD artist representation. Can't wait to see more!