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I loved every second of this game! I was super immersed right off the bat and enjoyed seeing the environment change due to the calls. I really hope you continue to create more games like this or even continue this game as a series.
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By far, I think this is one of Emika's best games yet. It always hits my phobias and makes it unsettling while playing. I only played the first night but I'm too terrified to move around, even in daylight. Now I have to go through a whole week of scares. Thanks Emika XD. I still have to fully beat it. Had to take a breather.

And back down the rabbit hole we go. I was a huge fan of locked up and I'm loving this one too. It's always a ton of fun to get scared in your games since I have no idea what's going to happen next. I can't wait for the full game to come out!

I loved it. It was super spooky and immediately got interesting. I just wish it was longer and had a bit more story towards it. I hope to see this again with more development!

So, first of all, how dare you make something so creepy. Second of all, I love it. I hate loving it but I love it. It's super eerie and builds up a lot of suspense. This game threw so many surprises at me and freaked me out.

I seriously enjoyed this story. And I'm happy that I get to keep replaying it to find the alternate endings. Only one other story interactive game kept me captured, connected, and felt goosebumps while playing and this game surpassed it very far. I hope I get to play more of your games in the future 

Thank you Emika-Games for reaching out to me about the full release! I'm only 30 mins in and I already hate/love the terrifying tricks you pulled. I'm gonna finish up the other parts in the coming days. Great work so far! 👏👏👏 

Please check out the fun video I made!