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hey I just ordered a physical copy but….. it never asked for my address? I still want this book just curious of my next steps!

hi there, I just bought the physical version of this but it never asked me for my address....

I just ordered via the nerves website but got no confirmation email. How do I contact you all for assistance? Thank you <3

I have the same question. 

all good!! Writing my own game at the moment. The process is real yo lol <3

hey! Me again, just checking in to see if there was maybe an update? 🥺🥺I’m prolly more excited about this than I care to admit lol. Hope all is well!

oh my goodness!! I hope you’re okay (relatively speaking at least. And non relatively!!) I apologize if my comment seemed short it wasn’t meant as such I was genuinely curious (though intent and reality are different things…. I’m rambling now. At any rate apologies <3  

Hey I was curious if everything was okay? Last update said august 31st. <3 

oh so there isn’t a pdf version? Cool cool. 

Soooo....I go do download my game and im not sure what this is? I feel like im missing there a PDF to use?

yassssssssssssssss so excited 

Hi there!! Been super out of the loop! I tried searching but can't seem to fin any sort of update on this, sorry to pester but I was curious about release/development? hope all is well!! :-D

that’s amazing and I hope everyone is on the mend!!! Thank you for the reply!!

when/will the supplement easy streets be available?