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In my opinion this is a good game. Especially in the concept. The ability to control only the mouse and the appearance of the buildings I liked. The lack of sound and music, I noticed by the end of the game, so maybe you should not add them there. It would be interesting to look at the infinite or long version of the game with blocks capable of building over partially empty space (so that you can build over blocking surfaces if you are raised high enough or above an empty cell).

Suggestions: it would be great in terms of the appearance of the floor to have information on whether it is possible to build in this place. It would also be nice if the icons of the blocks available for construction stand out by sight.

It would be great if you improved the design a bit. Block icons are almost invisible on my screen, I looked at the screen at an angle to see them. In addition, the style of the menu and buttons in the lower right corner in my opinion can be made more aesthetic. No offense, please, I already liked your game, but after the corrections it seems to me the game will become even better.

Thanks for the game, I really liked it. : P

Cheerful atmosphere. I would like it more to be a puzzle, also the possibility of moving to the next level and exiting the game using the keyboard.

Excuse me, maybe I should be patient, but I went through levels 6 and almost did not find any riddles or challenge for myself and finished playing. Design and sound are good.

I very much like this game. Especially like the voice.

I very much like this game.

I did not understand how to play and quit.

I passed the Windows version of the game. I really enjoyed! But I would like more levels : ) However, the existing levels are amazing. In the 16th level I found a bug, attached a screenshot, on it the player’s block is in the wall, apparently there should not be a wall (by the way, you can pass through this wall in one direction, but not in the other). Perhaps without passing through this place it is impossible to pass the level. After passing through the 20th level, by the way, for some reason, it is closed in the level selection menu.

Have you come up with this concept? He is genial in its simplicity. I have never seen this type of game, if you invented it - you are great fellows!!

I have ideas for new elements and features, if you are interested, look in this online google document.

Thank you very much for your game, it is wonderful.