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hell yeah the frogman liveth
This game is great

no thanks

Did you design this for a phone screen? Love that approach, so often trying to find ways for things to be accessible at the table

loved it, exactly what i was looking for

super nice, dropped a slime into a hole and blew up an army at once, exciting possibility space

how did you enjoy it?

basically trying to figure out whether stuff lines up? although the experience of being excited to start your new job, immediately fucking up and being ushered to the door is very much a mood

I really like the cursor/ other art and sound and music! i'm having a lil trouble getting through it though? I got one right but i'm not sure why. Anyway fuck the gatekeepers ✊ well done for getting this out here!

hey thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it

Glad to hear it's worth replaying! That link is broken, though.

High marks for a weekend project! Thanks for playing!

Cheers! Honestly flattered that you spent so much time & enjoyed yourself. I poured a lot of time into this one!