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hey modus, I'd honestly just like to thank you for making this game, cause its really helped out my channel, and I'm not just going to promote my video because you guys have honestly given me a proper glimpse into what simple indie horror can do. And if a video gets posted above this comment,  godspeed to you all :)

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Your game is so unsettling, and you actually got a scare out of me with that "thing" in the lighthouse, I'm soo grateful that this game got on mac!

this game really had me crying after it, both out of fear, and out of laughter, super cool premise but you should add a shotgun to spice things up.... just saying (second game in the vid btw)

Holy crap, this game doesn't even have jumscares but it gives you "that feeling" its the second game in the video, and I gave you a pretty good grade at the end. But for the love of all that is spooky... PLEASE DON'T END SO ABRUPTLY ALL THE TIMEEEEE!!!

I honestly really got scared of this game (trust me, I'm a manly man), but I'm also super sorry for roasting your monster. I would love to see more from you on MacOS :)

thanks for the help, its just a weird thing on mac where you have to use the app "the unarchiver" instead of the default mac unzipping app, this is the case for most games. Well I'll be making a video soon on your game, so be ready for that! :)

I wish I got to play as the big guy, but this game was pretty fun... Sorry for roasting the protagonist though ;)

Hey I just played your game, and it made me laugh more than get scared... It was Still Super fun though :)

But I love your work my guy, I definitely recommend people play iy

This game didn't even faze me, so I had to roast this man Sirenhead

For some reason this game needs to be updated for it to work on my mac, is it not optimized for macos catalina?