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Fantastic GAME!! ~~ I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Seriously David has got to chill man XDDD

Awesome game I really enjoyed it :D 

Dude this was an amazing game! I'm surprised that this isnt a AAA game because wow. That was fantastic! I got a couple of points


Awesome graphics and designs

Amazing ambiance

Jumpscares OML 

Awesome introduction (elevator scene)


Lack of mechanics (really simple controls, not a big deal) 

Random wolves howling XD? 

No real danger 

Final verdict


Dude this was by far the most amazing horror game I've played so far.  I wish I had more hands because I would give you 100 thumbs up! Fantastic job!

Awesome game really enjoyed it 

6.6 / 10 


+ game had extremely beautiful graphics! 
+ shading and shadows were very good

+ambiance was very good 

- The game was a little too short (even if it was a demo) 
- lack of story / lore

there is also no immediate threat or real jump scares.

Honestly, I would rate this game 9/10


□Amazing story

□The sound track is actually so dope

□I love the unique sprites

□The gameplay is absolutely the perfect length


□Occasional grammar mistakes. Some sentences are written super weird.

Thats it. Other than spelling and grammar, this game is amazing. I loved it. I wonder how you get the secret ending


Awesome game! I really enjoyed it and broke it down into a couple of pros and cons

+ The game had a simple and easy to understand controls

+ The game had amazing intro music. The man playing the piano needs a raise :D
+ The game was fairly easy to pick up and start playing

things to improve

> It lacks a story or at least a lore to the monster inside of the house or why you're there.

> the textures were good but need more variety

> why is this man so fast?

Overall 8/10


Thanks a lot man :))) ! I really appreciate it!

Honestly, for an indie horror game developed by one guy... I truly think this has to be one of the best indie developer games I played so far. It is fantastic. 
> An evil atmosphere

> Unique type of graphics 
> The camera effects were really solid

Now a few things to work on in regards of the game 
> Movement controls were a little wonky but that's okay. It takes sometime to get used to. It was like I was playing on the gamecube again. Nostalgic XD
> The haiku puzzle was interesting however, I wish that in the game there was a note or something that gave you a hint on regards to the answer to the puzzle. It was really tricky. thank goodness you left a hint in the game's description.

Very small details to work on but other than that.... Fantastic job :) 


Missing children is a fantastic horror game short story that revolves on a lady's investigation on 3 children.

the game itself is not very scary however the game prides itself in a circular story with no real plot holes except for the

relevance of the toy windmills that you collect during your let's play. If you acquire all windmills, you get the good ending for

the game. However if you rush through the story you will result in a bad ending. If you are curious on where the windmill

locations are / the missing keys or just want to see some gameplay

Click HERE

> Fantastic graphics for an indie game 

> Storyline is extremely well thought out 

> The atmosphere is very eerie and very unsettling 

>The characters themselves give you a feeling of unease 

> Some Npcs can go through walls and objects that are considered not passable for the player

>Some of the items are a little difficult to find especially the key of kanae's  drawer.

> There wasn't very much explanation on the entity that you encounter multiple times during the gameplay.

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Honestly for an indie game I really enjoyed it.

> It was actually scary. The suspense led you up to a legit jumpscare. Not some png image flying into your face like mos indie games

> It's graphics and textures went above and beyond.

> The motion blur when you turn makes the game more immerssive and requires you to turn slower for you can observe your surroundings during suspensful moments


> Why is A15 upside down you troll XDDD

thats it 

Cant wait to sign up for next months patreon :))