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It seems that a few people (me included) have asked about some modding API on Discord. After very short talk with Cairn4 I started working on some modding API. It's nowhere near complete but I am trying to draft some idea of how it should work. Note that I come from Minecraft background so I am heavily influenced by how it works :P

Currently I have managed to get the original game loaded in IDEA with patched in calls to a custom "ModLoader" code that does barely nothing and started work on some Event Bus which should allow interaction with the base game (events like game ticks, items, blocks, ... - mostly in TODO). I would love other's input on what they want to do with modding API so I know where to focus initially. It will load Java JARs from mods/ folder.

Currently it's hosted in BitBucket (not GitHub because originally private projects) on these two projects: (code with idea how modloader should work and base game patches and one or two working events) (sample mod that just prints something at the beginning of each game tick)

So far it cannot do much but - opinions? Is EventBus wrong and do you want something else? (I prefer it because later on we can take care of loading order and dependencies.)

Note that I am not  a Java programmer by day, not even by night, it's just something I threw together over a few hours.

Cheers, Ashley