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Hi hi, I just got this game through Bundle of Holding and I'm wondering if there's a way I could get the singles version of the PDF? It only has the two-page spread (that's the only file at all) and I'm struggling to read it. I completely understand if not, and I hope I can enjoy the game full stop!

Great game! Wonderful for sudden oneshots. Ran one for my group about a week ago and we all had a blast; the only complaint I have is the exponential Bugs growth, and specifically, the fact that players have no way to reduce existing Bugs. Adding some way for them to manipulate the code to stabilize it would be a much appreciated alteration. But aside from that? I'll be running this again in the future. :)

That kept happening to me to. Eventually I caved, downloaded 7-Zip, and used that to shake it out. .RAR is just another form of compression, after all.