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Call Me DNA

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This game scared the life out of me a few times. And the story definitely took a turn at the end that I wasn't expecting at all. The dialog was a little goofy which was expect since we were dealing with young adults. And once in a while the camera was a little buggy but other than that the game was great and I really enjoyed it!

I liked the colors and the feel to the game. It reminded me a lot of older games I used to play on the ps1 and 2. I didn't know you JUST had to run into the ghost to collect them. I was trying to charm them most the time XD. I didn't really understand the story to this game. Also wasn't sure if I was able to read the signs or not. Wish the story was more clear but the game was creepy.

I liked the gradual change over time in this game and it was very enjoyable to find out what was going on. It was creepy and fun. 

I enjoyed this game a lot! I liked seeing the new items I received and the game was just overall interesting!
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This game was pretty unique! The graphics outside were really pretty as well. The swarm of bugs seemed to be in the way the most of the time when I played. I found it very hard to get around them. I also think it's weird to hold the mouse button when grabbing the batteries and such. This was a interesting game nonetheless. 

I had a lot of problems with this game. The filter was hard to see through which I did fix myself but then the game skipped over some dialogue. I also felt the ending was very confusing. 

This game was pretty different. I liked the story that was involved and the puzzles were fun. I do wish there was a little more to it like better details added into the game. But if we are in the dollhouse I see why its lacking in having extra things here and there considering dollhouses are usually pretty empty other than having furniture. I feel like the ending to the game could be improved though. It just felt like being cut off without any closure.

At first I had no idea what I was doing. I had to check this page for a hit. This game is super short but it is indeed creepy. I would of liked to see a little more from this game with jump scares and such. Also the mouse sensitivity is extremely low even after adjusting it. Other than that this was a cute little game and the graphics were nice as well. 

At first I didn't think this game would have a story to it. I just thought it was a very basic walking sim but I am so glad I checked it out. This game was beautiful and mysterious and was one of my favorite simple ones. Can't wait for more work by you.

this game was very interesting and I loved the story! The camera angles get a little funny some times but this is definitely one of my favorite indie games.

I feel like this game could use a little more detail and polish but it was still entertaining for what it was. 

I thought this game was really cute looking. But with the puns and references the frog and the person's personalities seemed to mix together a bit.  I felt like they could be a little more unique to their own character. This isn't usually the type of game for me so I didn't get the other endings but it was cute nonetheless.

This game was pretty good! The atmosphere was spooky and I definitely jumped a few times. I wish I had to go to the front gate first before interacting with anything else cause I wasn't sure why I wasn't just leaving. Other than that I loved the game. 

I enjoyed this game so much! It was scary and absolutely crazy. I loved the characters and the art style really pulled the game together. This is one of my favorites for sure.

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this game is cute and it reminds me a ton of old games I used to play. I love how it had a twist story and it was just overall very interesting. I feel like some of the camera stuff needs a little work but other than that it’s a great game. 

I didn't know this game was a teaser until I got to the end. But I thought the game looked and sounded nice. The character walks extremely slow and it was a little annoying also at the end I couldn't see what was happening since it was too dark. Not sure if there was a monster I could see or not. But I was for sure looking for one.

This game is amazing! it looks nice and the characters are very unique and I love all the creepy sounds! I did run into a lot of bugs though which ended up keeping me from progressing. I was looking for a mouse sensitivity setting when I found I could change the games difficulty and so I did. By doing this I think I broke the game. Very sad. Really wanted to play to the end. 

I thought the game was funny and teddy bears gave me a few scares. But I do feel like this game was a little messy. I definitely think I missed a few things. But I was entertained nonetheless.


I love fan games about tv shows! Had trouble finding the lightbulb and I thought my keyboard numbers were broke when trying to open the safe (turns out the number I was putting in was just wrong). Wished the game was in full screen instead of the little rectangle. But anyway can't wait for the full thing!

This is one of my favorite indie games by far. I enjoyed it so much. It made me laugh a bunch and I even screamed a few times. I'm extremely happy I got to play this amazing game. 

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I enjoy the concept of these types of games but I’m so awful at them that I just give up. I also feel like the doors are a little weird to open which pushed me away from finishing the game. 

This game is adorable and I love the creepy vibe. I wish it would be a little more scary though. I got stuck because I couldn't find one of the items and I thought the game was broken. 

This game wasn't really at all what I was expecting. I also think I completely missed the stall unlocking. I was too worried about the dude in the hallway. This game wasn't really for me but I did enjoy the little cutscene at the beginning of the sewer part.

This game was horrifying! I couldn't tell if the glitches were intentional or not which I felt made the game so much better. Also I used this game as my Halloween Special since I sadly didn't have enough time to record something bigger. But I think it turned out amazing!

I loved this spongebob horror game so much! It was scary and I loved the voice lines you added. 

I enjoyed the game a lot. It felt like there was always something happening which kept the game entertaining. I liked seeing all the different monsters and this game was just overall fun.

This game felt pretty unique. At the beginning it was slow going for me cause I missed a few things so I had to backtrack. I felt like the story was interesting and I really enjoyed the ending. 

This game is so so fun! It's addicting and I want to get to the ending. The minigames feel fun and unique and I really do support this game a lot. 

This game was very silly. I thought it was gonna be a really scary game about a hunted house andddd it was more of me just being very confused lol. Also is it hunted or haunted??? cause there's a big difference.

I have  a lot to say about this game and I'm a bit blond when it comes to figuring things out if I'm not held by the hand. I liked the story and idea to the game I also thought the graphics were nice. I have a few problems with the game though. I wasn't sure how to work the radio and I realized after I was done playing I needed to get it to a certain station to be able to progress. When I was playing after the character commented on the dog I thought the game would just put me right into the next event but I think I might have missed a station? I was confused on how to turn the tv and some times I can't see the lighter. Also I could open the one door but couldn't go through it which was very distracting since I wasn't supposed to leave the room yet. If these small things get fixed before the full release I think your game will be amazing! Hope you enjoy my playthrough of your demo. I tried lol

I liked the color and art style of the game. It was very pleasing. I have to mention the monster in this game is not very intimidating. It was very easy to stray far from him. Also I saw no use for the flashlight. And the frost that covers your vision when the monster gets close was very annoying cause I felt like I couldn't see anything. And honestly it just didn't really make sense. Also I wasn't able to get into the radio hut at first. I got stuck on some invisible wall. I think if you made the game a little darker to where the flashlight is needed it would make the game 10 times scarier and more fun to play. Nonetheless I still enjoyed exploring your game.

I replayed this game again since I rage quit the first time. I wanted to try and get to the ending. Which I finally did manage. I noticed there is a lot more to this game then I thought which makes me appreciate it more, but there is some parts of the game that I do believe need a little work. Id be a couple pixels off and still end up dying which made things frustrating but I still did enjoy playing the game. 

This game felt like it had a lot going on and I wasn't really sure what to do. I murdered some people. I wanted to feed the cat. Didn't know how. I died a few times. I got scared a handful of times also. This game isn't for me and it was incredibly dark (I know now that I can change that). but this game wasn't for me. It just felt like there was a lot of random things going on but it was entertaining for what it is. Also most of the graphics looked nice which is hard to find on

This is a very very short game. I thought there was maybe a secret ending so I tried it again but nopeeee. Was definitely a shock though.

I love watching The Simpsons! And I thought this game was amazing and unique! I was struggling to fight some people but I'm just awful at these games... or any game really. I had fun nonetheless and enjoyed the voice lines from some of the characters. 


This game looked nice and I liked the idea. I did have an issue with the maze part. Sometimes I would get stick in a "doorway" and wouldn't be able to move unless I jumped. Other than that I enjoyed the game.

It was mostly at the beginning when she was getting out of bed. It took a second for some of the texters to load in as well. I'm using a second computer to record so I don't think I should be having issues unless my gaming PC's CPU is just absolutely awful.

This game was alright. I felt like the park was huge and I never knew where I was going. Also wished there were a little more spooks. I enjoyed the ending though. 

This game looked really nice and the voice acting was pretty good. It was super scary and a unique experience. some times the game was a bit laggy. And if that got fixed then the game would be really really nice. Can’t wait for more! 

this game was interesting! I just wish there was a little more too it. Like more creepy noises or lights flickering. I got the impression that there’s gonna be a part 2. I’m looking forward to it!