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Call Me DNA

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This game was not for me. I thought it would be a little longer and have better audio. The footsteps were a decent volume but the dialog wasn't loud enough. Wish I had more back story about the characters in the game! Other than those things the game seem to work alright. The maze held the most tension for me even though I found my way out quickly. Overall the game could use a quick clean for the audio fix and I think it would make it 10 times better.

I don't know what I just played to be honest with you... 

This game is very adorable with the art style and I do enjoy the gameplay a lot. But I do believe this game has a few bugs such as the "How To Play" tab freezing (which you already noted) and the game getting extremely difficult after losing a few times. The monster kept popping up almost every 3 seconds and it was getting hard to move on to the next stages of the game. Really hope it gets fixed! The game is promising and I'd like to try it again.

I really loved the art style of the game! It was really different and playful. I did end up finding a bug in the game where I fall through the environment while in the grandma's room. I break every game I touch butttt I really did enjoy this game! Looking forward to more. 

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This game was very small but decently made. I had fun with it for sure. The only problem was the mouse sensitivity was too high and I didn't know I could change the channel on the tv. Also, I had to watch someone else's video to find the light switch to the kitchen. This game is also extremely relatable considering I'm afraid to leave my room at night. 

The art style to this game is so beautiful! I really enjoyed looking at the environments and the character design.  The ending really shocked me due to me thinking this was a very kid oriented game.  Wished the writing was a little more complex but I enjoyed it overall. 

This game had me very involved as I searched the rooms and halls for a key. Once I got to the end of the game I realized there wasn't a "reward" ending at all. I felt like I did all of that work for nothing and I was thrown into a hole of disappointment. Oh! and in the middle of the game the flashlight stopped working like a normal flashlight and then fixed itself later on.

This game was very different from most and it definitely did give off the vibe of an older game. You did an amazing job on that! I didn't like all the reading but that is just me. Overall a interesting story and the seabed with the glass tunnel was very cool.

This game was absolutely amazing! Though, I was struggling at the end with the tunnel. The rage was real! But I really adored the game and the train was one of my favorite features.

Didn't know that sorry I guess.

I wish MORE happened. Overall it was a good game but thinking it could be better if maybe the power got turned off or his friend decided to pull a prank on him or something. The game is missing SOMETHING. But it was interesting. I will be playing the new episodes! Excited to see them. 

Certain games aren't for everyone and this game definitely isn't for me. I don't like the tediousness of having to check information and hurriedly type it in before someone is about to kill me. I didn't understand how to hide. And I didn't like that when the door opened no one was there. After a while of dying over and over again I gave up. Plus the tutorial doesn't seem like a tutorial at all. No hate. just giving my honest opinion. Do with it as you wish. Hoping the best for you and your games. 

This game was very different and the tension was almost always there. I'm not exactly sure what happened at the end but the overall game was interesting. I loved the environments and the different spirit characters. 

I loved Courage The Cowardly Dog as a kid and I had no idea they made video games for it until I saw this one. This game interests me and I would love to play through it if I knew how to get past the Data Missing screens.

This game was definitely suspenseful. If the full version looks promising I might check it out. Was excited to see an Alien horror game due to all the ghost/killer horror games that seem to plague the internet.

There isn't much to this game but the jumpscares got me a few time. Though, I could easily laugh it off seeing that the creature wasn't really scary at all. I think this would be a good game for a small developer to make if he/she is just starting out.

This game was very heartfelt and had a shocking plot twist. I really enjoyed it. 

This game was defiantly not what I was expecting! The tension and atmosphere was great! Wish the middle to last part of the game's environment had more detail as I was very confused of where I was at and what was going on. But over all exciting small game. 

This game was interesting and I didn't understand the ending lol but it was entertaining as all games are supposed to be.

This horror game seemed to be different then most of the other horror games I played seeing that the play style was a little different when it came to what the player had to focus on. It slowly got more creepy as I played and the ending confused yet surprised me. It was decent for a name your price horror game.

I support small developers and give them feedback to help them improve! This game's environments really had me on my toes. Wish the ending was better due to the badly timed jump scare. The tension was there just not the scare. Overall this was a decently made game.

For this game being free it was very visually pleasing and I liked the slow change of atmosphere over time. Just wished it had a good ending cause I feel as if I DIDN'T finish the game even though I did. I wish I knew more back story of why the character was here and who they are. But over all very interesting and well made. Also not sure if its the game or my computer but the camera seemed a little jolty (unsmooth) at times. OH! and I kept getting stuck to the couch cause I couldn't see it lol. Maybe make the candle light pour into the room more. :)

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This is one of my favorite works by you guys so far! kept me entertained and the environment's were amazing! 

While this game kept my interest, I was very confused of what was going on especially with the dramatic change in environment. Also at the end of the game we never receive this "password" or it seems. I feel as if the story needed to be explained more and there should be some explanation of why the environment's changed. Overall was very intrigued.

The atmosphere to this game is extremely amazing! I wish some of the scenes were a little smoother though. I would of also liked to of been able to see a little more clearly. But overall the game was really entertaining and had me on my toes.

This game kept me interested the whole way through. Though I'd like to mention the part where the main character has to continue to open multiple doors. This part seems to drag on with little changes to the environment. I wish you would of added in some scary character or a quick flashback of why this the character is living this unfulfilling life. Overall this game was fun to play and had some great hidden advice. "If you don't like your life, change it."

I really enjoyed this game! I just wish it was longer and had a bigger story line. I also enjoyed the art style but it could of been cleaned up a bit. Overall it was a good game!

Even though this game isn't my type of game I gave a review to help the developers. And explained what things I would have liked to be better but this is my opinion and everyone's is different. I hope you get some insight from my video.

This game was amazing! Was absolutely surprised... twice!

I really enjoyed this game! Please let me know if you decide to make it into a full game with a ton of story! Id love to check it out and support you!!!!

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This game scared me a good couple times I will admit! I have one complaint though and that's when you reach the basement level floor you can't really see anything and was very unsure where to go. But that's all I have to say! Good game overall.

this game has got to be one of my favorite free horror games right now! It was fun and spooky I loved it. 

This game was really cool! I just wish it had a full story made for it.

I didn’t play too much of this game but the characters have unique personalities and keep me interested. I just have one complaint that the woods are too big and I wasn’t sure where to go or if I was skipping over important parts of the game. 

I believe RPGmaker games are underrated due to the graphics. But the stories make it really stick out. Absolutely loved it.

This game is honestly one of my favorites on! The story really kept me interested and the voice acting was amazing! Let me know when you make another game! I’d be interested in giving it a go! 

This game was good for being free and so small! I do wish you could make a full version where the character can go around and interact with objects though!

I also got a weird phone call right after finishing the game and it got me a little spooked.

This was a very interesting game can't wait for the full thing to come out!

It was very suspenseful but it wasn't as scary as I'd like it to be. And I wasn't able to get a full story. I was left with many questions. 

Wish it was longer with more stuff to do but since it was made for a two minute horror game jam there isn't much you could of done about it.