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Call Me DNA

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I enjoyed this game a lot! It made me jump a few times. I wish I still could of picked up groceries while I listened to the conversation though. Also I thought it was a bit funny how the main character wasn't saying anything about the car accident.

This game was pretty fun and did scare me a few times. I feel like the story could be worked out a little more but other than that the game was fun for what it is. 

This is a nice small little game. I do wish the game was more scary though. I thought a few of the endings were great while others were just awful considering it was just text. Those endings with just text felt very unneeded as I had to go back multiple times to get an ending that I actually wanted to see but other than that the game was interesting and entertaining.

I enjoyed this game quite a bit. It was creepy and weird and was definitely interesting. Not too big and not too small. 

This game was really small and very strange. I wished there was more to it to be honest. The colors were interesting but I really do wish the house was bigger and there was more to explore.

The voice acting for Spongebob and Squidward need a little work. Also Squidward be looking weird as hell. This game is too hard for a Spongebob fangame. I want to just see the game and the story. I died a few times and I could not beat the ending for the life of me. Was really disappointed cause I did wanna see all of the game. The game was fun and entertaining but I do think there needs to be some fixes especially with the difficult. 

this is such a weird small game and I felt like it was trying too hard to have a story. The felt like the beginning was very unnecessary tbh. There should have been hints like posters or something on the news about Ted. The tension needs to be built and there just wasn’t any. Other than that the game was still fun to play an very entertaining nonetheless.

This game is definitely different. By first look I didn’t think it was a fan game. The graphics looked good and the game was interesting at first. But once I got in I felt like some of the dialogue was as very unnecessary and I didn’t get some things. But I know little to nothing about Slenderman so maybe it’s just a me problem. The game was alright just wished there was more puzzles and things to explore. 

This game was really cool! I loved how the game made me think outside of the box and the environments were different and unique. I have nothing bad to say about this game! Was great! 


This game was super weird, scary, and funny. I don't know how else to describe it. Was a interesting short experience for sure.

Another amazing game! I enjoyed the story and the characters! I have nothing bad to say about this game other than I'm not sure how the illegal games tie in with the story. as well as the little video clip. The story is a little confusing but still interesting as hell!

I’m struggling to understand your comment. I’m sorry if I insulted your game at all. I’m just trying to give my honest opinion about it.

This game wasn't as entertaining as the Simpsons one probably because I already had an idea of what was gonna be going down. This game felt bigger though and had things to collect. I just started watching Futurama recently and didn't know a few of the characters either. The game was alright and fun overall. 

This game was weird. It felt very random and confusing.  The man objective is clear but the story is just all around crazy. I was struggling at the end to run away. Since my flashlight lags behind my turns. I would over or under turn and run the wrong way. 

Hello! I’m one of the voice actors! This game was about 2 hours long for me! Very exciting game. Kept guessing who the killer was the whole time. I loved all the characters they felt very unique.

This game was alright. It was really small and I had a hard time reading the papers cause the words be too big for my brain. It wasn't much scary up until the end. I felt like this was more of a demo then the actual game. But it was alright for being what it was.

So far this game is alright. Its not amazing and its not awful. I feel like the voice acting could be a little better with some added effects. I don't think a nonhuman thing should sound like a human. It makes the vibe of the game feel cheap and there's a feeling of disconnect. The puzzles are small and cute even though the idea of them being there didn't make since. This game is still interesting and I'm interested in seeing where it goes.

This game was interesting and fun to play but needs improvements. I got both the bad ending and the “good ending”. And to my surprise getting all the shakes left me with a disappointing ending that I worked so hard to get to. The good ending needs to be changed cause I felt extremely betrayed and like someone was too lazy to make a better ending. Also Once Grumace locks onto you he doesn’t let you out of his site so you might as well die. There needs to be a sprint bar added so I know how much sprint time I have. Also needs to be places to hide from him. It might make the game more interesting. 

This game reminded me of another game I played a couple months ago. But this game was interesting and short I didn't run into any bugs other than I walked behind the counter before trying to pay for my coffee. If this gets fixed the game would be perfect.

This game was interesting and the gameplay was scary! Seeing this is a demo there can and I'm assuming will be improvements. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with the monster under my bed or in my drawer so I just blinded them with the flashlight once in a while and hoped it was good enough. I want more story to this game. Something to keep me interested enough to want to continue playing. When I got to the level with the nightlight I gave up cause I thought I was gonna be stuck there for a while. Overall decent game. Can't wait to see what changes.

This game was a mess. I don’t think I was talking to the right dude at the beginning of the game. And the basement part was just messy. I walked so slow when I was crouched. And the way grimace chanced wasn’t scary. This game was not for me.

this game scared me so much. And I thought the beginning looked very professional. The game could use a little cleaning up but the game was pretty good. 

This game was wild! I love the voice overs from the show and the ending was amazing! Wish there was a little more too it cause I do love me some Simpsons games.

I enjoyed this one a lot! The game was addicting and at first I honestly thought it would be too hard for me to beat. This one was great! Probably one of my favorites. 

this game is so good! I loved the idea I loved the art style and the jump scares. All though the one jump scare was a bit random and a little out there. The rest of the game was great! 

this game was really short and really easy to beat. Maybe a little too easy. It was enjoyable but I wish there was a little more to it. 

this game is weird very weird but entertaining. It got a little boring after a while since there was no change in the enemies. They stayed the same throughout the game. It would have been cool if you slowly morphed into something scarier and stronger. The last level was broken. I couldn’t pass it. Even if I restarted. The toilet people would get stuck in a room and I wasn’t able to kill them at all.  Really wanted to finish the game. But couldn’t. 

I enjoyed this game a lot! It was super scary and super fun. I didn't run into any issues at all! Great game.

I played the game before the update but I still thought it was funny! The audio needs a little work. Sometimes its too loud and sometimes its too quiet. Other than that the game is great and gonna play the updated version very soon!

This game was fun and interesting but a little difficult. Also at the end I thought I was stuck in the railing so I got really mad since it took me a few tries to get past the main part of the game. And since I kept dying I had to listen to the blue monster talk every time and it was very annoying. There needs to be an option to skip the dialogue. Other than that the game was alright! 

I enjoyed this game a lot! It was really creepy and interesting! The way everything fit together was so cool!

This game was really fun and entertaining. I couldn’t wait to see what was in the other rooms! The only issue I really had was with the gun. The bullets shot too slow or weren’t centered. 

I enjoyed this game a lot. I think it needs a little clean up but other than that I really loved the game! I thought the art style was good. Can’t wait for more! 

This is such a tiny game! I didn’t run into any issues and it was entertaining. I wasn’t necessarily scared though maybe I’m just numb to it now lol 

This game was interesting and I enjoyed the art style for it. It worked very well with the story. I also loved how this game was sorta based off real events!

This game was great! So scary and the little puzzles were fun to find.

This game was funny and extremely entertaining! I didn't have any issues with it at all! 

this game was pretty interesting and small. Little experience was definitely entertaining but wished there was a bit more. 

I enjoyed this game a lot! I loved the idea and the sounds and the monster was pretty neat as well. 

this game was pretty decent. It was creepy and fun. But I hate how it’s copying Garten of Banban. I want something more original