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Test your Game please. To difficult to Use the plunger !

Merci pour ton retour, on s'est mis comme objectif tout le long de la Jam de faire un jeu qui soit chill, donc content que tu l'ai trouvé sympathique. Qu'est ce que tu aurais voulu savoir par rapport au code?

thanks for your feedback, enjoy 😊

Thank you for your feedback, the game being made in Jam, we didn't take the time to think about how to improve the hints. If we continue the development of the game, we will think about the hints.

Wow, thank you for this constructive feedback 😊. Yes, the objects are not always understandable.... and we added the feature of the hint 5 hours before rendering 🤣😅 If we continue the development of the game, we will reflect on this point to improve it. It's very important to listen the feedback of players!

Thank you Flame Fox for this feedback. Wanting to get back to the game, just to relax is the best compliment you can get 😊. We wanted to best represent the spirit of the Jam with this game. Maybe we will develop the game further thanks to the feedback we have had. Thank you for this week of Jam! ❤️

Thank you puremask for this feedback. It makes me happy to see that the game is seen as a professional game. Indeed, the objects are not always understandable. Maybe after the voting session we will push the game a little further?

Okay, the game is good and very poetic. Good 3D game 👍

no worries, the game is good. Good job

In relation to the "Summer" theme

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Cannot play...

Player setting -> compression format -> Gzip -> Take the 3 folders created and compress them into a .zip

Great idea to add a score, and the music is quite amusing. It's just a bit frustrating that when you switch fruits, no key is displayed, which can lead to a game over. Try to beat me, I scored 173!

Good game !
It's clever how the fruits grow over time, and the gameplay with the arrows is quite innovative.  Well done!

Good game !
It's clever how the fruits grow over time, and the gameplay with the arrows is quite innovative.  Well done!

Off-topic? :/

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Controlling a big cubical crab is quite fun :D !!!!

Good atmosphere, the sound of footsteps on the snow is satisfying. But I couldn't find the summer... I know that's the purpose of the game, but for the Summer edition, starting the game in the middle of winter is quite unsettling.
Low fps with the snow and i was lost in the map xD

Timer is a good idea.
02:05 PB. Who is better ^^?

Thank you for your great feedback. It's great to hear that <3 I just fixed the bug, so if there are still any issues or if you encounter another bug, don't hesitate to come back and let me know. I will do everything in my power to fix it quickly. Hehe !

Thanks, Daiglo, for your feedback. The play button bug has been fixed. However, the loading bug is quite strange...

Not funny, have bugs, not intuitive...

Ho, maybe mire entertainement ^^

Thx ^^Yhea maybe the boss is useless but if there are not a Boss is will not feat with the Jam so...

Ho thx ^^ and yhea it's complicate to make a good physics.
For the boss, i make a bad character, because it's your opponent. But yhea it's to feat with the Theme ^^

Haha thx ^^ 

Thx ^^ yhea i just take a simple mecanic

Thx ^^ yhea it's diificult to adjust correctly the difficulty when you are the creator of the game

Ho thx for your comment ^^ I work on the satisfaying of the player and for the update with a second player it will be maybe complicate to implement haha

Yhea thx ^^ i maybe will update idk

thx ^^ yhea i find it more cool to wait the result haha xD

Thank's and okay it's a good idea, i notice for update ^^

Thank's Why not if i have time to update...

Ho nice haha Enjoy Again ;)

Thank you ^^

Yes is a bug and i can't change this... but thx for your supporting <3

thx <3

Ho great, so strong !

I'm sorry for bugs, it was hard to finish so it's possible they are lot of bugs in the level management xD

Thx to play Potomax <3 don't hesitate to instal the game to be in the leaderboard hehe

Perfect GameDesign, the feeling that's you want to send it's perfect! Perfect !

For me there are no sense to know where we must put the CodeBar... it's like random and we pray. But good visual

It's a little bit hard, i love the Graphismes and animations, but the inputs are very unconfortable. Good job, i rage quite haha