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Not funny, have bugs, not intuitive...

Ho, maybe mire entertainement ^^

Thx ^^Yhea maybe the boss is useless but if there are not a Boss is will not feat with the Jam so...

Ho thx ^^ and yhea it's complicate to make a good physics.
For the boss, i make a bad character, because it's your opponent. But yhea it's to feat with the Theme ^^

Haha thx ^^ 

Thx ^^ yhea i just take a simple mecanic

Thx ^^ yhea it's diificult to adjust correctly the difficulty when you are the creator of the game

Ho thx for your comment ^^ I work on the satisfaying of the player and for the update with a second player it will be maybe complicate to implement haha

Yhea thx ^^ i maybe will update idk

thx ^^ yhea i find it more cool to wait the result haha xD

Thank's and okay it's a good idea, i notice for update ^^

Thank's Why not if i have time to update...

Ho nice haha Enjoy Again ;)

Thank you ^^

Yes is a bug and i can't change this... but thx for your supporting <3

thx <3

Ho great, so strong !

I'm sorry for bugs, it was hard to finish so it's possible they are lot of bugs in the level management xD

Thx to play Potomax <3 don't hesitate to instal the game to be in the leaderboard hehe

Perfect GameDesign, the feeling that's you want to send it's perfect! Perfect !

For me there are no sense to know where we must put the CodeBar... it's like random and we pray. But good visual

It's a little bit hard, i love the Graphismes and animations, but the inputs are very unconfortable. Good job, i rage quite haha

Hi wich software do you use to creat your Game ?

Really nice !
I would like see the game finish :D <3

Thanks you, I thinks finish my game but this time with more mechanics because your game Jam was a really good inspiration for the game play of my game. I really enyoy it 

Yes it's true! Being a musician and knowing music by heart I should have tested the game with friends

Okay thank you ^^ 

thank you ^^ yes it's to hard i think

Ho okay 😊 

Ho thank you, cela me va droit au cœur ! 

Yes! Let's go! 😂

Ho thank you so much! 

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What is a mechanic here? Is the character's movement counted as a mechanic? If my character jumps is that considered a mechanic in addition to movement, if he shoots with a pistol ... mechanic as well?

Very cool Game !! Game play intuitive ! Good job !

So cool ! I love the GamePlay and the vibes of your Game !!

Very interesting GamePlay ! Good ideas! Good job !

Thank you ^^ it's very touching for me to read your comment <3
Yes the music is synchronized but I did not have enough time to be able to develop the Gameplay well I too quickly lost myself in the narration which is the strong point of the game. And I entered the world of game creation video by the Sound Design because I compose music so it touches me even more if that's what you liked! Thanks again <3

Thank you ! Ho was it on the 2nd level? and it's normal that the music restarts each time you die

Thank's ^^ I had a lot of fun doing the voice

Hi i'm french and i m not sure to understand the theme What's mean  BLOODLUST ? it's the Game Bloodlust ? or it's  mean bloody evening ? or Thirst for blood...?

Ho thank's, i didnt expect anyone to play it i made this game to play with my little brothers haha have you tried at 2