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this is so cute and fun :D

I don't usually play battle games so I don't think I played properly but I love the world you're crafting :D

Loved this game and made a little gameplay vid :D

Great game! the concept works really well with the message it delivers

Loved this game when I played it, then my 6 yr old sister loved it when she played it :D

lovely game, such an engaging way to learn about this thanks :D solidarity!

the concept and the execution are hilarious :D i can't get very far but had a lot of fun trying

this was so lovely the narrative and the music all wonderful^^

This resonated with me so hard and i am so sorry you went through what you went through and I believe you and am so happy you exist. Thank you so much for this, your work is so important <3

I hope you finish this :D loving the concept and the colors

this was lovely! great unfolding of the narrative through engaging and minimal gameplay:)

This was fun jazzy scavenger hunt

Cute short game but I was put off by the 'breack ya neck nigga' line out of nowhere and the blue on dark background text was difficult to read

A short bouquet creation game with a violent and emotional narrative, love it

Highly engaging horror concept with a minimalist gameplay and intriguing narrative

Lovely art and I learned a lot about biology in a non overhwhelming way

I kept losing the cursor because it's too small and dark especially on the dark text background though