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It's really weird. Sadly we have no idea why, we're gonna look out for the cause. 

It does seem like it's dependent of one's computer though because this bug didn't seem to be encountered before by any player I got feedback from 

Still, really sorry for this inconvenient, I hope you can still play the game by going out of your screen and dragging it back to it? I hope you're enjoying it as well, thanks for playing and reporting this bug!

I wish you a good day/night.


A bug was noticed in the scene 2, it prevented the completion of the game. It's now fixed with the new version of it on the page of the game.
Our sincere apologies for that.

There is also a known bug about the menu button. That would be changing too much the coding so we're gonna let it that way for the jam.

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So, as a new team of two persons who never made a visual novel before, we made a game for the 2017 jam.
We hope you will like it!

Here's the description:

A tale of hope and despair about a human bird having to face the departure ofher kind to the south, despite being unable to fly.
Will she ever find a way to fix her broken self?

The link for the page of the game:

The title screen:

Also,sorry if the skip and auto function ever bug, they are quite unpredictable.

Goodbye! Wish you a good day!

We will wait forward for your impressions on it!