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Thanks. I actually only know how to make 3d games so it wasn't much of a choice  :D

I did my job well >:D

Thanks for playing my game :D

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Thank you. I'm happy you enjoyed it :D

Your game also has an excellent aesthetic. That environment looks awesome for a game done in 2 weeks. 

Thanks for taking the time to play our game. I'm happy my art and Chepaki's music added to the feel of the puzzles. :D

I checked out your game. The music gives it a unique charm. The controls however confused me. I wasn't entirely sure if the game was glitching out when I phased through walls and my controls reversed or it was some mechanic I wasn't aware of. regardless great job getting a game done for the jam. *Thumbs up*

Thanks for playing our game. I'm glad the atmosphere and lighting worked out. I did my best with the limited time. :D

Thanks for taking the time to play our game. I'm happy you enjoyed it. :D

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it. We really should add a more proper tutorial with UI elements and all but we ran out of time. We might add it in if we continue to develop it.

Thanks for playing our game :D

Thank you. I sent the request. Though I won't be able to talk for the next 4 hours about.

sure. Send me a link to your discord or however your communicating. Sorry for the late response. This jam started at like 5 AM for me so I was sleeping.

hey. I joined so I could do a bit of game art for someone's team in this frog jam. I'm pretty experienced in Unity hard surface modeling and texturing assets in substance painter. I am also able to rig and animate. I will only be able to work on this project a few hours a day so think of me more as an extra addition to your team than anything else.

Anyways send me a message if you want me on your team. (:

Thanks for the feedback.

It's definitely a bit rough as we were rushing to get the build finished in time to submit to the jam. If we do continue to develop this game we will definitely address the problems with aspect ratio and the end not having a "You win" screen.

Thanks once again for playing (:

Impressive. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience.
I'll see if I can drop that to 13. (: