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I think more texture packs would be cool. I am thinking a zombie themed one would be neat. Maybe a hard mode withe more colors and are larger board. Like 6x6 instead of 4x4 or something. Although I am sure it takes a lot more work to make that sort of stuff then it sounds so maybe that's not something that can be done before the release. Either way the game is awesome and I love playing it. There are just some things that could be added to make it cooler, but every game is like that.

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Ok thank you. Will the game cost money when it is released? Also when I open the game it doesn't take up my whole screen, just a small box.  Is that normal or is there something wrong with my laptop?

I am not sure who it is that will see this but I spoke to someone today at comic con and I was hoping to talk to them about the game because I am a bit confused on how to properly download it. I just made an account on here for this game so I don't know how it works.