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I agree that backgrounds and more worldbuilding would enhance the experience. We updated the game to try and fix a lot of this (and also to smooth out gameplay). There is more to do but it is in fact updated. Thank you for your response!

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I enjoyed this game. It was fun to see the process of you making it. I never understood the source material it is based on, so it took me a moment to realize which type was more powerful against what.The tutorial did a good job however. The art is amazing, and all of aesthetic design is done perfectly (the music really adds an element).You all did great work.

I really enjoyed this game. When I first heard of Captain AC, I was not sure what the final result would be. you all did a great job translating that however and result is an interesting experience that is uniquely its own. The gameplay (although with a learning curve) is responsive and fun. Sometimes I was confused about certain elements. In the future it would benefit from more temperature defining UI per room. That is a minor complaint. You all should be very proud!

This seemed like a really fun concept. I am sorry that the vr seen had a few backend issues but the game looks great. I love the small food details that grow and composite the level design. A part of me wishes to be able to see it fully. I think a video would help display this for people who cant view it. Other then that you did a great job.

This game was an extreme success. I always am really easy to be scared when it comes to horror games, and while I was notable to play it, seeing someone else experience the fear gave me a larger sense. I would love a gameplay video if possible just for people who are not able to experience it. Otherwise it looks great.

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I thought it was such a cool idea to have the player move through the walls, and navigate the space from all angles, I also like how it fits to a more low key relaxed play experience. A part of me wishes I could see it in its full entirety. A video might help in showcasing that.

This was an enjoyable experience. The color style was great, as well as the area you were exploring from. at this moment I feel the witch is a tad overpowered. Also for me when testing it out the top players camera was harder to navigate then the rest. That being said this was a fun project.

this is a fun game. I know you all had some complications but the end product is good. The art and sound are fantastic. The main point of feedback I say is balancing. At this moment the alien might have to much health based on his enemies current move set.

This game seems extremely engaging. A lot of attention was spent on making obvious. I always felt like I knew where I was in relation to other players (which can often be a difficult feat to achieve). The art design is great, and fighting feels responsive. The round I played the game was less centered around 3 vs 1 and instead was a fighting game. While working on its own right. It might be fun to add a sense of cooperation. Other then that small detail you all did great work.

This was a really fun game. This game was extremely well thought out.  Especially the level design. (the elevator was a good example of this. The visuals are simplistic and work. I feel the game would be enhanced by a more hand drawn background. That minor complaint being said you did a good job.

The art style to this game was  actually insane. I cant believe you hand drew everything. You did an extremely good job at worldbuilding as well (especially with the alternate version space).  I did die a lot, and I wished there was some way to prevent this. That however is a very minor piece of feedback.

This game was really fun. I enjoyed navigating the space and avoiding the cat owner. My one comment was that initially I was not sure where to poop. Looking back that was much more a me problem though. You did an amazing job.

This was an absolutely spectacular project. You completely knocked it out of the park. There are so many little things. I love how there are optional ways to get characters, and these characters are often tied to nearby coins (acting as a sudo tutorial). The world feels consistent and it legitimately feels like an adventure. I have no idea how much time you devoted to this project but it shows.

Hempuli always has a really interesting way of handling mechanics. I really enjoyed the destructive nature of the gun. It is such a unique way to solve puzzles, and this game shows this progression very well.

There are many things that I thought this game would be about. I was surprised that it became as weird as it did. I really like that sudden change. Its funny, but that change ultimately is what makes it great.

This is one of the great games that I would recommend to anyone.The switching of gravity is an incredible interesting mechanic, that you utilize in every instance perfectly. I never felt at all frustrated because the mechanic didn't match the challenge.

You do an amazing job as the momentum of the gameplay. I cant wait to see where this game goes.