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Hello, MiniDoom1 is only a short experimental game. Currently only hosted on Gamejolt:

Sorry here is the link to the post:

And link to the group:

None of us have much knowledge in Linux, but If you have an account I'm sure you can contact the person who posted this.

Hola, que bien que te gusto el juego! Perdon, nuestra pagina fue hackeada y algunas cosas siguen mal. Aqui te paso unos links para el nuevo sitio de descarga:

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Honestly, we were also surprised how well it translated to 2D haha. The roster of enemies and weapons of Doom is such a strong archetype that I bet it works translated to many other game genres too.
Glad you enjoyed the game!

Hello, that's amazing! How can we help you with that? The game normally only recognizes xBox gamepads.
Also someone did this and shared it on a Doom group on facebook, maybe he can also help you.
I'll post the link here, don't know where else to find him, hope the link works.

Hello. Oh crap, I wasn't aware that the fortress isn't accessible in Ultra-nightmare... that mode got the least testing in the last patch. Also wasn't aware of the pandemonium issue. Thanks for reporting this, and sorry about the bugs! I'm happy that someone took the ultra-nightmare challenge, you must be a miniDoom-prodigy!

Thanks, its made on Game Maker Studio

Sorry but yeah, only generic gamepads or Xbox

It was made on game maker studio, wich can export to mobile, though the audio engine (the wwise GM pluggin) does not work on mobile. So the next best thing for now is a steam deck...

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback, yeah the UI still has some issue. It was maybe the part of the game that got made the fastest.

You are not wrong!

If we would do another "mini-game" it would probably be mini-quake haha...
But right now we are trying to make an original game. Making fan games is fun, but it doesn't pay the bills :(

Hello friend, I’m happy to come back and find such an amazing comment! It’s humbling to know someone can place this game among their favorites, thank you so much for sharing and for the comment, I’ll pass it along to the team.

I know it's been many years since we released a full game, but we are trying to establish ourselves as developers and have a lot of work done for minidoom’s spiritual successor (sorry, no minidoom3 :C ). We hope that next year we can share more of our work so don't forget about us yet. Thanks again man, cheers.

Hello, despite the name of the file. That is the final version of the game. It was an error in the naming.

Hello, it does have controller support, though only for xBox controllers. The game also doesn't automatically recognize it, you have to change the input type in the options menu.

Yeah, we forgot to update the exe name, but it should the final version. What happens when you try to enter the fortress? Or do you not see it in the map?

Thanks! It's still quite full of bugs but I will get better!

Thanks a lot! As soon as GB Studio comes out of beta I will revisit this project.

Thanks a lot!


Thanks! I'm glad you had 35 seconds of fun! haha

Thanks! GB-Studio is a fantastic tool for this kind of games, the latest version is still in beta so when it's all done I might revisit this project!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll see about changing that menu.

You can always remap the keyboard buttons in the options menu.

Of course! Its available right here on itch

It could be a problem with the file location, this should help:

The default app data for your computer. It usually is: "C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local"

Thanks a lot for reporting the bug. I already fixed it in v3.1 if you download and run this one, you'll keep your save file.

Yeap, it's set at 45.

Thanks a lot!

Game pad controls are locked. The customization can only be done in the keyboard =( 


Thanks a lot! And thanks for the review!

Thanks a lot for the review! 

Thanks for playing!

YES! but we made special versions of them so the game is still a bit playable and not completely broken =) [IDDQD and IDKFA]