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Oh hey! What a hilarious, distinguished and kind young YouTuber! If love to meet him some day 馃槈

I loved the narration and I definitely didn't expect that ending, good work! 馃榿

Do you think you'll ever expand on the story? 

I've never (kind of) done an exorcism, and especially not on the advice of the internet before 馃槀

This was sweet, the ghost not so much 馃榿

I think I found a bug to defeat the last two bosses, but i really enjoyed it - the art was so cool!

I have a question too, what would have happened if i ate the cake at the start? 馃

How Very dare you make it so depressingly realistic! 馃槶

It was really cute, thank you for making it 馃槉

I saved the cats and not one of them tried to eat me, I must have been a wonderful cat mum 馃グ

Good job, it was really sweet - I would definitely like to play this in different rooms or methods of escape 馃槉

I am *very* not good at climbing, but I had a lot of fun! 馃榿

This is honestly one of the prettiest sounding horror games I've ever played and I loved it! 

I didn't play the detuned edition for the video but I will definitely be playing it for myself soon! 馃榿

I was not ready for how dark this would get! 

I really enjoyed the PS1 style of the graphics but please can you add a mouse sensitivity option. It can be very heavy on people who get motion sick.

This was so sweet and so much fun! The sense of humour was absolutely delightful too! 

I'm looking forward to when it updates because I want to see what happens with the hero Racoon 馃ぉ

I didn't die, which I definitely appreciated 馃槀

I was hoping for a sneaky attack of getting to kidnap him back or something 馃榿

I absolutely loved the sense of humour and story progression - great work! 

Any hints to defeat that damned peacock though? 馃槶

Every single jumpscare got me 馃槀

The graphics and premise are really cool, great work! 

This is such a lovely demo! Everything is so pretty and I really love the design and concept! 

I'm really excited to see the full game when it's ready 鈽猴笍

This was such a great experience and I love the voice control mechanic - well done! 

Please tell me there is a plan in the pipeline to make more!? 馃

The atmosphere always gets me! So creepy! 馃槶

Great work! Any hints on how to get the other ending?

I came for the mystery and stayed for the goat cult 馃槀

I Enjoyed the premise and finding the keys, I would have liked to be able to turn the mouse sensitivity down though.

I am certain that doll wanted to kill me! And why did it have so many blood trails!? 馃槶

Another great creepy game, keep them coming! 馃榿

This was such a pretty game! Everything looked so lovely and the textures were delightful! 馃槏

I really enjoyed the story and different endings - well done you guys! 馃槉

I truly understand now, it was never about the handshake 馃槸

10/10 tiny men on tinier screens 馃檶馃徎

This is so cute! 

I really enjoyed how user-friendly and sweet the story was. The characters were really quirky too - good job! 鈽猴笍

The creators may be self important 馃槈 but they made a pretty fun game!

I really enjoyed the 90's feel and the music complimented it all wonderfully! 
(The hidden nicotine definitely stumped me for longer than I would like to admit! 馃槄)

I enjoyed this so much! 

The atmosphere was fantastic - especially the way you played with the sound! I am very much looking forward to the next door opening!

I brought this as soon as I played the demo a year ago and I regret nothing! 馃檶馃徎

Such a cheeky game with so many larger than life characters! 馃榿


I love it so much! It is so much fun, the controls are smooth and the characters are all quirky. MASSIVE PLUS, you get to pee on people who annoy you! 馃榿

I really loved the look, feel and atmosphere of the game. I can't wait to play the next part when it releases but I struggled with a bug.

In the time trial, when you have to go up the stairs to open the 3rd door, I repeatedly fall through the stairs. It's in the video, toward the very end. 

I tried a few different ways of going up the stairs, but it didn't make much difference.

Good work on the game, it's so cool and I look forward to having another go when I can get up the stairs 馃槉

The atmosphere of had my hair standing on end! 

Really good job! 馃榿

I really enjoyed how sweet and atmospheric this was - great work so far! 馃グ

This game was DARK!

I enjoyed playing it, but I definitely had to go find some soft and fluffy things after 馃槄

I absolutely *loved* this demo! I think it shows through the hardcore fan-girling 馃ぃ

But seriously, this was a fantastic way to whet my appetite for the project as it grows. Great work! 馃槉

I really enjoyed the story and the characters are so sweet! 馃グ

Lucy is the best dog and if another demon tries to eat her, I'll eat them myself! 馃ぃ

I really look forward to playing the next chapters when they launch! 馃槉

This is so much fun! 馃槏

The choice of songs and customisable buttons really made this such a fun game! 

(Even if I did royally suck 馃ぃ)

The mighty Capitalist Crustacean has spoken and I must give my life to the almighty pincers 馃ぃ

The ending really got me, my heart skipped a beat! 馃槄

I really enjoyed the artwork and story, it was such a pretty way to tell quite a dark story 鈽猴笍

The poor Rabbit! 

I really didn't mean to eat it! 馃槪