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Rarely am I so confused, and so happy at the same time! Great fun :D

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I love this game so much! 

The music and artwork is so atmospheric!

This game is so charming! I can't wait for all of the mischief (haha!) im going to get up to when it's released! :D

This game was a joy to play and so sassy! I loved it! 😘

I love the music and stabby little crab but I'm having a problem with my mouse. The camera will keep on spinning in circles unless my mouse is dead centre. 

Do you know how I can stop this happening?

My game closes every time I smash through to the cemetary 

Other than that, I love it so far! :p


I have enjoyed the game so far (what I can play of it) but it force quits everytime I use the chair to get to the meme cemetary - any suggestions for what I can do?

10/10 loved this game! 

It was so cute with the chunky starfish babies, especially when I got to dunk them 😋

I did my part in the war against T-Series! 😂

Good job! It was lots of fun and I'm looking forward to the other endings! 😁