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I've been using this for a couple of months now, since the Hot Springs stories brought me to kc's page.

I said I'd chip in $2 later.

Today, I rolled my second two.

I actually feel good about doing the things I've put off.

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It's here! It's here! It's fina-lully here! :D

Just wanted to throw some more positive feedback on the pile. As well as being a good story, the volume and variety of content is remarkable for a demo, it does a great job of showing off your plans for the full game. Fantastic work! I particularly like the inclusion of a selection of neopronouns - my own pronouns are they/them, but including neopronouns as an option is always great, and not just for those who use them. Making the minigame skippable is another great choice, especially for players who may find it less accessible. I look forward to buying - and playing the heck out of - the full game when it's done. :)

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Lovely and wholesome, just like the other reviewers have said. I too loved Gakuto, I'd love to spend more time in his company and hopefully show him that not all humans are bad. Thanks so much for writing this and making it free. :)

Thank you so much for including this in the bundle. It was awesome to watch LRR play this game and it's even better now I get to get to play it myself!

Interesting little game! But... it doesn't want to let me progress beyond the tutorial. The tutorial worked fine, so I clicked to advance to The Basics, but it just ran the tutorial again. After passing it, I went back to the main menu, into Original Situations, and selected The Basics Part 1. It ran the tutorial again. I don't seem to be able to advance past this point. Can you help please?

Thanks for taking care of that so speedily, it solved my problem. I played the original Headliner on Steam (more times than I'd care to count…) and I have been really excited to play the followup. :)

Hey, could you please assign platforms to your downloads for this game? That way those of us who use the app will be able to update it whenever there's a new update available. Thanks :)

Even better news: the bundle keeps on getting bigger, now we're up over 1600 items!

Unfortunately, when I tried to play this game, my mouse kept on jumping out of the window. I suspect the game didn't properly capture my pointer. A pity too, as it seems pretty fun!