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Thanks. I am glad you find the difficulty okay.

I will investigate. Thanks.

That's not a bug. You should be able to pull the plunger again to release the ball.

Hmm, thanks for reporting, I'll look into it. Do you have the same problem on Firefox or is this only affecting Chrome?


Wow that is awesome! I think I have only ever got to 250,000 when testing haha.

I really need to add a leaderboard.

Yeah they are just points, but you get extra points when you hit all four.

I have made an update to the screen transitions. You now have be partly off the screen to trigger them. And they now fully transition to black and transition in the direction that the player is moving.

I hope that improves the experience. Thanks again for playing.

Not bad at all. Can you get to 50,000?

Thanks dude! Unfortunately the game is incomplete so it ends rather abruptly. There is another area and end boss that didn't quite make it into the game but they will be added later this year. And yeah, there's that health bug you mentioned :/.

Nice suggestions. The bow and shield would add too many mechanics for me to deal with :), but the other ideas I will incorporate.

Thanks again. Might take you up on that offer to test future versions of the game!

Thanks. Publish or polish? It certainly needs polish, was a bit of a rushed 30 day build for a game jam. But now that is over I can spend a bit more time on it.


Thank you so much.

Yes. The game data is stored in your browser's local storage. As long as you don't clear it, it will be used by future versions and you can pick up where you left off.

Thanks so much! The game is incomplete but glad you like what is there so far. Expect improvements in 2022.

Hi. Thanks for playing and thanks for taking the time to make a playthrough video. Your feedback is very valuable.

  • Glad you like the concept. I have many more ideas I want to implement to expand on the Japanese mythology and Kurosawa inspirations.
  • I will be adding a map. And a boat system so you can travel between areas quickly. Expect these to be added some time in 2022.
  • Glad you like the style. I have some work to do to tighten up the graphics, animation etc. but the low-fi look will remain.

Thanks again. Subscribed and followed!


Not yet. But I will be adding a map.

Thanks. How would you want the controls changed? I have provided gamepad, left and right handed keys. Can provide more options.

Yeah. A few people have mentioned this. I will be adding a map (and a boat system). Add to collect or follow to be kept up to date. Thanks for playing.

This wasn't intentional. It's a bug that made it's way into the jam release :(. Will fix it. Thanks for playing and thanks for mentioning.

Thank you for playing and posting feedback. Will be fixing bugs and tightening gameplay before a re-release in 2022. Will do something about that transition issue you raised!

Yeah there are a few issues with the character states. Was a bit of a rush getting the game out for a jam. I will be re-releasing the game in 2022 with these bugs fixed, additional maps, end boss, improved sound and graphics/animation polished. Thanks for playing. Will see what I can do to preserve this jam version for your speedruns.

Super slick and fun. Controls are tight and maps are well crafted. Just not a fan of plain polygon sprites but that's a taste thing.

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Love the character design, colour palette and overall aesthetic. The unfinished bits you know about already.  Suggest reducing the gravity so the character feels more floaty.

I know what you mean. The enemy AI and maps need improving to make the encounters more interesting and challenging. Will work on it. Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback.

I love this game!

Thanks. I think we have a similar taste in games samuelbromley.

Yes the multiplier bug should be fixed. And as you say you should now be able to see your scores after you play.

I'll come back to those slingshots.

I added a couple of animations too - the spinning gates on the chickens and the turning of the windmill.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Hi Kurondie,

I see what you mean about the multipliers! I will get that fixed as soon as I can. Will message back when resolved.

Thank you.

Hi Kurondie,

I agree the sound needs improving. I would like music and jingles but that's a lot to do so have kept it minimal until I can dedicate some time to that. I did have a sound effect on the slingshot, but it was triggering when the ball hit the opposite / adjacent sides so I took it out as it got annoying :). But it will be back once I have restricted it to the hypotemuse!

I like the idea about the chickens switching off. I will research what real-life pinball tables do in that situation.

Sorry to hear your score did not remain on the screen after playing. The game does attempt to save your scores to local storage. If stored successfully you should see your top 3 scores played in the header before and after you play. I suspect your browser isn't storing your scores for some reason. But I will update the game to ensure players always see their latest score regardless of whether the save to local storage was successful.

I'll consider the configurable controls. Or at least include more keys which trigger the flippers!

There are some graphical updates on the way so will see what I can do to improve those wheat icons :).

Thanks Kurondie for your excellent feedback.

Thank you S_h_r_e_k, glad you like it. There'll be a couple more tables later in the year so do check back. Thanks for playing.

Thanks Adrift Dev.

Hello kubix_super, thanks for reporting. I have just uploaded a potential fix for this bug. I think it was to do with local storage. If you could try the game again. Hopefully the game does not freeze anymore?

Thanks jpeg2k!

Cheers. It's built with Phaser and Matter physics. Written in TypeScript. Matter physics is quite limited though so it took some time getting it to behave how I wanted. E.g. here's a code pen showing the basics for a flipper

Whatever language / engine you use I'd recommend spending some time working out the table layout. Give each table a theme. Add things to collect and accumulators. I looked at lots of old Bally tables for layout ideas, and the tables from Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies which were the original inspirations for this game.

Thank you Kruxe. Glad you liked it.

Yeah, if the ball ends up travelling too fast for the physics engine it can travel though walls! You'll get a free ball if that happens.

Hi Oxey405, thanks for reporting. I have just re-published the game with a fix for that bug. The surface you got stuck on is no longer perfectly horizontal. This should never happen again.

I couldn't ask for a better compliment, thank you samuelbromley

Thanks for your feedback. A portrait view allowing you to see more of the table on some screen sizes is part of the plan for the full release.