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Thanks for reporting! I have re-released the old version (v2.1.0) that doesn't have that problem and will look into a solution to this before releasing v3.0.0. As you say - possibly by reducing the force per hit, or I might add a bit of randomness in there.


Thanks for playing!

Thanks Jeremy. Great feedback. I'll be addressing the points you have mentioned.

Wow, great feedback! Thanks for playing. I think you can download with the app, maybe.

As I was building it I did feel like it was becoming similar to Zombies Ate My Neighbours. The top view of the hedges and all. No trampolines though but maybe that would be cool! Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing until the end! And great feedback, thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. I did want to add some speed trainers to collect and up the enemy tempo towards the end of the game. But couldn't get those implemented before the end of the jam unfortunately. Thanks for playing.

Thanks Johan! An honour you played my game.

Haha! You must be as old as me if you remember the singing! Thanks for playing.

Thank you. And thanks for playing!

Thanks Wammoh!

Thanks for playing to the end. Sorry about the boss!

Beautiful little game. Level design difficulty progression well thought through.

I like how the gameplay is divided between the top-down exploration and the side-on shooter.  I got lost at first so maybe could do with more guidance for the player. The smooth sub-pixel scrolling and rotating pixels does somewhat violate the 64x64 restriction of the jam.

That's what I get for trying to squeeze a boss into the game right before the deadline! Sorry about that. Will upload a fix when the voting period over. Thanks for playing.

I suspect your monitor is running on a high hz? The game does not currently run on certain monitors. There is a fix on the way for this problem.

There is an update on the way that will keep the physics consistent for all Hz monitors. I am waiting for the guy who wrote the physics engine to release the code! These problems will be resolved soon.

Thanks for playing. That's impressive you worked out it was down to the Hz!


Hey. I work as a freelance developer. Please DM me on Twitter about work enquiries. Thanks.

Very nice score! You must have hit some multipliers!

Thanks for reporting. I'll investigate that.

That's a nice idea.

Thanks. I am glad you find the difficulty okay.

I will investigate. Thanks.

That's not a bug. You should be able to pull the plunger again to release the ball.

Hmm, thanks for reporting, I'll look into it. Do you have the same problem on Firefox or is this only affecting Chrome?


Wow that is awesome! I think I have only ever got to 250,000 when testing haha.

I really need to add a leaderboard.

Yeah they are just points, but you get extra points when you hit all four.

Not bad at all. Can you get to 50,000?