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A member registered Nov 05, 2020

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thank you, appreciate it love your work

Is there uncompressed version for Android?

Understandable, take your time , your game is really great 

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help, i try to install the update but it says app is not installed, and now i deleted the last version and i lost all progress

Number 3? I guess it's estia , try to go to park

Just which girl you have already?

It's a really good VN, i thought it would be just all lewd  things would be content of this game , but the story of each character really draw me in , it's really the best VN i ever played

Next update?

Is there any possibility for Android download?

When is the next update for Android?

this game is not designed to run on my device , what is that mean?, I'm using android btw

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And when i try to fight with hand it forcing me out of the game , btw your game is good and thank you in advance

Sooo, my game just forcing me out of the app while i try to fight the rat

thank you for replying, your game is great!!

And I hope you ill recover and get well soon

When is the next update?