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היה לי ממש כיף לשחק! מאוד אהבתי את התזוזה וגם את הרגעים שקופצים - זה נותן הרגשה ממש מיוחדת :)

תיקון קטן - fetile --> Fertile בכתוביות

Cool. Just a question, how much time did it take you to make the game?

I don't have as much to say about this game as I did about ADHD. What I can say is that it was a really powerful experience. I hope you make more games in this genre in the future.

Warning - A few spoilers.

I love this game. I actually laughed out loud for a solid 30 seconds during the lamp scene, it was amazing. I absolutely loved the art style and the music. Two suggestions:

  • Add vsync, the game runs at an uncapped FPS, so it makes any video card (I have a R9 390, for example) perform at it's full capacity for no reason.
  • Remove ~ key as exit key. I accidentally clicked it a few times forcing me to start over. Maybe change it to something we're less likely to click, or make a small in-game menu.

The Hakevesh Hashishaasar nod was nice, as well as the suicidal people's comments. Oddly enough, I found you through the credits of a Tom Scott subtitle, I've always wondered who makes these for Hebrew, since I didn't think there were that many subs from Israel, and I guess that I've found my answer.